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“GNTM”: Liz Hurley did Heidi’s job in the end

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“GNTM”: Liz Hurley did Heidi’s job in the end

“GNTM” Liz Hurley ended up doing Heidi’s job

Heidi Klum (left) had Liz Hurley as a guest.

© ProSieben/Richard Hübner

The fourth “GNTM” episode had surprises in store: Heidi Klum picked up the camera herself during the shoot. However, she was missing in the final.

In episode four, Tenerife’s waves washed away many hopes of victory. First of all, the “GNTM” models for the poster shoot and the opening shoot for the new season. When she arrived in Tenerife, Heidi Klum (50) surprised her group of models in a sweater and rubber boots: At the beach shoot, she took the camera herself as a photographer The hand. But her full physical effort in the floods had a catch: star juror Liz Hurley (58) ultimately had the thankless task of sending the eliminated models home.

Returnee Tracy heats up competition

Is that fair? Several candidates asked themselves this question at the beginning of the episode. The reason: Heidi brought back a model, Tracy (26), who had been eliminated from a previous “GNTM” season. Tracy had thrown down voluntarily last year. Attractive female competition with self-confidence, because Tracy immediately announced: “This time there is no good-bye!” The first challenge of the episode should show whether Tracy’s self-confidence paid off.

Two-man shoot-out for relay campaign

Before we left for Tenerife there was a special highlight. The models competed in groups of two to take part in the shoot for the nationwide poster campaign and the opening shoot for the current season. With star designer Jean Paul Gaultier (71) at her side, she watched the models at the shoot-out. Fabienne (20) didn’t let the experienced returnee Tracy make her nervous and prevailed in the direct duel. The twins shared joy: Julian (24) got a shooting spot, while twin brother Luka surprisingly failed because of Linus (25). Among others, long-term self-doubter Xenia (23) qualified for the campaign. In the men’s category, Frieder won particularly surprisingly against the highly rated Armin (27).

Poster shoot with Rankin

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Under the lens of fashion photographer and “GNTM” regular guest Rankin (58), Heidi’s male and female models then lounged on the floor – with Heidi Klum on top. Marvin (22) considered it an honor to lie under Heidi’s armpit. Jermaine (19) also suppressed the emerging pain professionally: “It’s about the perfect posing, after which you can cry.” The men then completed the video shoot for the show’s opener, partly in high heels. For some it’s almost everyday life, for others it’s a completely new experience.

Tenerife: “Cute” room and first crush

When we landed on Tenerife, the room occupancy in a “cute” and beautifully located hacienda caused the first tensions in the group. The bunk beds reminded Max of his old childhood room. When faced with his fellow models’ room dispute, Lucas felt “like he was on a school trip – really bad. We’re all adults.” Armin’s attention once again turned to his personal favorite Jana (24). Interim conclusion of his crush after he had carried her suitcase into the “cute” room: “I would say that Jana falls into the same area as my type.”

Photographer Heidi showed full commitment

Wearing outfits she designed herself, Heidi asked everyone who had been defeated in the campaign shoot-out in Berlin to take part in the shoot. Wearing rubber boots, she told her models who would be taking on the beach shoot: herself. The models were also delighted to have actress and model Elizabeth Hurley as a guest judge. Her specific expectations of the models: “They should become one with the environment and the elements.”

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Heidi Klum took this to heart for hours: she repeatedly threw herself into the water with her huge camera in the fight for the best pictures. Liz Hurley didn’t want to be left behind. She energetically jumped up from her position as a judge to motivate the models to pose more expressively. Armin was once again able to convince across the board. Heidi and Liz Hurley’s big praise: “You look so badass in every photo!” The recordings were again disappointing for returnee Tracy. From the jurors’ point of view, she appeared too “sad” and “scared” during the shoot.

Heidi was sick

Group after group and always soaking wet – that couldn’t go well for Heidi. When Liz Hurley appeared alone in front of the models shortly before the decision, she had some sad news with her: “Heidi isn’t feeling well. That’s why you’ll have to make do with me today.” Heidi explained her failure as follows: “During the shoot I noticed that the long journey, the sun and the wet clothes had left a mark on me. So with a heavy heart I can’t be part of the decision.” After consulting with Heidi, Liz Hurley had to send four models home alone. Yanik, Bao-Huy and Vanessa received their return flight tickets. And Tracy’s comeback also ended here.



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