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Google’s AI “Bard” renamed to “Gemini”, new service “Gemini Advanced” and smartphone app available – INTERNET Watch

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Google’s AI “Bard” renamed to “Gemini”, new service “Gemini Advanced” and smartphone app available – INTERNET Watch

Google announced on February 8 that it will rename its generative AI “Bard” to “Gemini,” the name of the AI ​​model announced in December 2023. If you go to the classic Bard website, you’ll see Gemini.

Bard began testing as an AI chat service in February 2023. Gemini is currently Google’s most powerful AI model, and it was also replacing the AI ​​model that provides Bard’s services. Google says it is changing the name to Gemini “to clearly communicate that the product reflects this core advanced technology.”

At the same time, they announced the AI ​​chat service “Gemini Advance”, which uses Gemini’s top model “Gemini Ultra” (Gemini Ultra 1.0), and the provision of Gemini as an Android/iOS app.

Gemini Ultra uses MMLU (Measuring Massive Multitask Language Understanding), which tests knowledge and problem-solving skills in a combination of 57 subjects including mathematics, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics. It is said to be the first model to outperform human experts in the task of language comprehension.

Gemini Advanced can be used as a tutor by creating explanations, quizzes, discussions, etc. that suit learning styles, to generate ideas and evaluate diverse coding approaches, to generate new content, and to keep up with trends. Examples include support for creators to realize their ideas, such as analysis and brainstorming on ways to improve and expand their audience.

Initially, only the English version will be provided, but it will also be available from Japan. Google One’s new price plan “AI Premium” will be offered with 2TB of storage for 2,900 yen per month. A 2-month free trial is also available.

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The smartphone app will first be available in English, and on Android, Gemini will be available as an opt-in to the Gemini app or Google Assistant, and on iOS, Gemini will be available within the Google app. In addition, the company plans to start offering the Japanese and Korean versions of the Android Gemini app and the Gemini-compatible iOS Google app starting next week.

On Android, you can use it by long-pressing the power button, swiping the edge of the screen, or saying “Ok Google.” The company says it will be a new assistant that uses generative AI to collaborate with users and help them complete tasks.

Screen image on Android

On iOS, you can ask Gemini a question by tapping the Gemini toggle in the Google app.

Screen image on iOS (Google app)

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