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Gospel of Fariseus: music addresses child exploitation on Marajó Island | Entertainment – News

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Gospel of Fariseus: music addresses child exploitation on Marajó Island |  Entertainment – News

Gospel singer Aymeê gained prominence on social media this week with her song “Evangelho de Fariseus”. The song addressed, among several sensitive subjects, the sexual exploitation of children on Ilha do Marajó, in Pará, bringing the subject back to prominence.

What do the lyrics of “Gospel of the Pharisees” mean?

The music criticizes the hypocrisy and superficiality present in contemporary religious practice, especially within Christianity. She mentions how people are more concerned with promoting themselves, holding events, and accumulating wealth, while neglecting the true purpose of the Christian faith, such as caring for those in need and sharing the love of Christ.

The lyrics also highlight the excessive concern with traditions and rituals to the detriment of true spiritual connection and compassion for others. The reference to the Amazon burning and children dying reflects criticism of the lack of action in the face of injustices and social problems

The chorus emphasizes the idea that many are following a distorted gospel, similar to that of the Pharisees, which focuses more on rules and appearances than on true faith and spiritual transformation. Check out the lyrics:

We campaign for ourselves
Events for ourselves
We stock up on Manna

We pray for ourselves and ours
The kingdom became a business
Tithes matter more than hearts

While He is wanting who we don’t even think about or care about
We’ve been praying wrong for centuries
Days, hours and years
We move away

Ah, a gospel of Pharisees
Everyone chooses their own
And flare up in the system bubble

Ah, meanwhile in Marajó
John disappeared
Waiting for the harvesters of the great Harvest

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The Amazon burns
A child dies
The animals are gone
Overheated by brothers’ egos
A Gospel of Pharisees

We are rotting the body of Christ
Blood is not circulating
The blood is coagulating

We are at the height of the new Era
And the false bride rebels
Against the groom hoping to see a Christian character

A gospel of Pharisees
A gospel of Pharisees
A gospel of Pharisees

Child exploitation

Despite the recent resurgence, accusations of pedophilia and child sexual exploitation on Ilha do Marajó are not new. In 2006, an investigation by the Human Rights and Minorities Commission of the Chamber of Deputies had already been launched into the matter. Documents from the time revealed the involvement of local politicians in the cases, with recruiters taking girls into prostitution in Belém and, later, in French Guiana.

On October 8, 2022, the then Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, addressed the topic during an evangelical service. Without presenting evidence, she mentioned that children in the region would have teeth removed to facilitate sexual abuse.

Authorities in Pará, including the Public Ministry, requested evidence, but it was not provided. Subsequently, 19 public prosecutors requested a public civil action against Damares.

Currently, Marajó Island receives assistance from the Marajó Citizenship Program, implemented by the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship. This program aims to combat sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents in the region.

Where is Marajó Island?

Marajó Island is located in the north of the state of Pará and is delimited by rivers that separate it from the capital, Belém, to the southeast, and the state of Amapá, to the northwest.

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It is recognized as the largest fluvio-maritime island in the world and has an extension of almost 50 thousand km², equivalent to the size of European countries such as Belgium and Switzerland.

The archipelago is made up of more than 2 thousand islands and islets between the rivers and the sea, four of which are the main ones, with Marajó Island standing out. In addition, there are other significant islands such as Ilha Mexiana, Ilha Caviana and Ilha Grande do Gurupá.

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