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Government, Fitto-Corte dei Conti controversy after the findings on the Pnrr

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There is still a clash over the Pnrr between Minister Fitto and the Court of Auditors. The remarks on the delays in the expenditure of the National recovery and resilience plan annoyed the head of the Pnrr who, in announcing the reporting of many projects in the coming months, invites the accounting judiciary to have “a constructive approach” and support also for ” respond more effectively to European requests”.

“The implementation of the Pnrr” is a challenge for the whole country as President Mattarella always reminds us – remarked Fitto in a note -. We need a constructive approach on the part of everyone, so that the projects are implemented and reported in an adequate manner” he added thus replying indirectly to the Court of Auditors. Therefore, the reminder: “We must all work above all between institutions, favoring prudence and the prior comparison” so the controls “wouldn’t overlap”.

“Municipalities, the government and the Regions will take stock to achieve the goal, we cannot hide behind a finger, the world has changed and costs have exploded” observed the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani from the festival of the economy in Trent. The control room “must make a summary” he added, assuring “also that the 19 billion tranche will arrive on schedule” and “we will do everything to achieve all the objectives between now and 2026 and spend the 230 billion, between European funds and Italians, destined for the piano”.

Tajani: We will all use Pnrr funds with the right modifications “All countries have objections from the EU Commission, it is obvious that it must be negotiated. I am convinced that as regards the third tranche of the Pnrr, it is still a matter of little. If then there were to be the exclusion of a small part, Italy will make its observations”. Antonio Tajani said on Radio 24, adding: “The Pnrr was written and decided when the pandemic was still there, now things have changed. Flexibility is essential. I don’t think we should give up part of the funds, it is it is clear that all the funds must be used, finding the right changes so that they serve “for the problems caused by the crisis”.

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