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Greece’s high temperature continues to cause frequent fires in many areas-current affairs news-zhejiang online

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Greece’s high temperature continues to cause fires in many areas

August 02, 2021 09:13:02
Source: CCTV News Client
Reporter Wang Yuguo

During the daytime on August 1, local time, the highest temperature in many parts of Greece continued to be above 40 degrees Celsius. While the fire in the Achaia area in the northern Peloponnese was basically under control, new fires broke out in other places. Affection.

At noon on the 1st local time, a forest fire broke out in the border town of Soufli in northeastern Greece near Turkey. Officials urgently dispatched three firefighting teams from nearby towns to extinguish the fire, and quickly evacuated nearby residents, including Alexander Drew. Brie’s helicopter rushed to put out the fire. At the same time, a fire broke out on the island of Rhodes, a famous tourist resort on the South Aegean Sea in Greece. Although more than 30 firefighters, 12 vehicles and four planes joined the fire fighting operation, due to strong local winds, the flames continued. Spreading to the area called Butterfly Valley, the competent authority has issued evacuation and evacuation instructions to local residents and enterprises. On the same day, there was a power outage in some areas of Rhode Island. It has not been determined whether the cause of the outage is related to fire or power overload.

The Greek fire agency issued a fire warning on August 1, and it is expected that on August 2, Western Macedonia and Thrace in the northern part of the Greek mainland, Attica in the central part of Athens, the Peloponnese peninsula in the south, and the island of Crete. Both the Aegean Sea and the islands are at a very high level of fire, requiring local authorities and people to strengthen prevention.

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