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Green pass, towards third dose obligation to travel to the EU in the summer of 2022

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Citizens residing in the European Union will have to be vaccinated with a booster to travel to another European country in summer 2022. This is the proposal that the European Commission is expected to announce on 25 November in Brussels, at a conference by Commissioner Didier Reynders on the freedom of movement in the EU under the pandemic. This was reported by Reuters, anticipating what could be one of the main turning points in updating Brussels recommendations for internal travel within its borders. The EU executive is trying to harmonize the rules among the 27 countries of the bloc, after the rise of infections triggered new restrictions in various countries of the continent. The hypothesis of a strict vaccination status has emerged from the member countries themselves, worried by the impact of the new waves on holiday travel.

The recommendation: Green pass “reduced” to nine months

The EU executive will also intervene on the duration of the Covid digital certificate, better known in Italy as the Green Pass. The Commission’s proposal is that the certificate be valid for a total of nine months from the last dose received by its holder, a measure that should ensure the effectiveness of the drug in the effective use of the document.

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