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Gregorio Pernía leaves the reality show – Telemundo 52

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Gregorio Pernía leaves the reality show – Telemundo 52

After a few days of great tension and being at the center of serious discussions for various reasons, the Colombian actor Gregorio Pernía announced this Wednesday his departure from La Casa de los Famosos in an unexpected connection with Nacho Lozano, host of the reality with Jimena Gállego.

“I hope I haven’t left you in a bad light, it was four weeks of a very hard, arduous process; a very great learning experience, where I had patience, tolerance,” he told his classmates regarding his family, who was the one who encouraged him to hug the project.

“I came in like that, thinking it was something else, very different,” she shared before crying and saying “they call me Thalía, they oppress me and I cry.”

Gregorio thanked each of the celebrities who remain in the House, to whom he dedicated nice messages and hugs, and assured that he would leave without hard feelings.

“I’m going to the best place, I’m going to be reunited with my wife and my children,” added who last week asked by all means to leave La Casa and it didn’t happen that way due to the enormous number of followers he has and whom he called “part of my family.”

“I love them very much and I carry them all in my heart,” he concluded before addressing the forum where every afternoon details of the liked ones are known. reality.

While this was happening, the House was plunged into silence only broken by the tears and sobs of several of the celebrities, especially the inhabitants of the Earth room, who gathered to comfort each other and share their pain.

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The actor shared two fundamental reasons that prompted his departure: leaving his family with whom he has shared 22 years of a happy and austere life, where simplicity is the main thing, although he defined himself as a multimillionaire man because he knows and can enjoy the wonders that Nature shows him where he lives.

In addition, he revealed that he discovered he had claustrophobia. “Strong, strong, strong; I never thought he suffered from claustrophobia. That was a very strong impact. I am a free man.”

Monday to Friday and Sundays 7PM/6C

For him, his time at La Casa de los Famosos was a very nice experience in terms of returning to its essence. He, he stated, is not a person who levitates, that is, he does not lose his bearings as usually happens with people who call themselves famous.

“A divine workshop of tolerance, of staying silent, of being a good recipient and listening to humiliations, harsh blows by my family; people who did not believe that I was trying to get out and find a way. They thought it was a strategy.

“Bow your head again because the House is a hard thing, where you don’t receive a message, you don’t have communication with anyone. And where I don’t have a conjugal visit,” he responded to Nacho and Jimena’s questions.


Gregorio denied being a strategist and was surprised by the reactions he caused when he said that Earth should go against the Water and Fire rooms, and also by his insistence on wanting to leave the House.

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The public chose his permanence, he recalled, and he had to return to the House in the midst of great tensions and confrontations that led him to make a reflection in which he showed his pain: “no one talks to anyone, it is incredible what can happen spend here. The first week, hello, how are you, we are friends, friends. Now nothing.

“What do you need to go to La Casa de los Famosos: leather, stamina, a lot of mind and not giving a damn about everything, it all slips me; you need an iceberg.”


“He reality A misogynistic person, a person with a lack of transparency, cannot win it. reality a dishonest person.

“I think it has to be earned by a person who has a good concept of family, because this program, here, is being watched by the grandmother, the mother, the aunt, the sister,” he explained.

When asked if he saw a winning candidate, Gregorio was forceful.

“Clovis is a winning candidate; Lupillo is a winning candidate,” he said before resorting to his characteristic call on a fictional telephone. “We are here to leave a positive message” for the people who follow La Casa de los Famosos.

Gregorio’s smile upon his return, after being saved by the public, was a cause of contention. Monday to Friday and Sundays 7PM/6C.

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