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Grenade discovered in ex-RAF terrorist Daniela Klette’s apartment | > – News – Lower Saxony

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Grenade discovered in ex-RAF terrorist Daniela Klette’s apartment |  > – News – Lower Saxony

As of: February 29, 2024 6:11 p.m

Investigators discovered heavy military weapons and a grenade in the apartment of suspected former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette. The police suspect their possible accomplices, Garweg and Staub, are also in Berlin.

Until early Thursday morning, emergency services searched Daniela Klette’s apartment on the fifth floor of the apartment building in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where investigators had arrested her on Monday. On Thursday afternoon, a spokesman for the Verden public prosecutor’s office said that “heavy war weapons” had been found in the apartment. These are a rocket-propelled grenade and rapid-fire rifles. In addition, several dangerous items such as ammunition from firearms, a submachine gun, a so-called Kalashnikov and a handgun were found, said the Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA).

Residents had to leave their houses

According to the LKA, the grenade and other dangerous objects were loaded into a special vehicle on Wednesday and rendered harmless in a safe location. The Berlin police initially did not provide any further information about the items. After the apartment building was evacuated by the police on Wednesday evening, the residents were able to return to their apartments on Thursday morning.

Another person arrested is not an RAF suspect

According to media reports, on Wednesday the police arrested another person in Berlin in connection with the search for the ex-RAF trio. But this is not about Klette’s co-accused Ernst-Volker Staub or Burkhard Garweg, reports the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (HAZ). The search for the two suspected former RAF terrorists continues.

LKA suspects accomplices in Berlin

According to its own information, the LKA assumes that dust and Garweg are also in Berlin. Due to the weapons found in Klette’s apartment, the authorities suspect that the previously unknown apartments of the two former RAF members could also pose a danger to the population. Together with the Verden public prosecutor’s office, the LKA Lower Saxony wants to sensitize the population about these dangers and continue to ask for help in the search for the fleeing suspects.

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Suspected ex-RAF terrorist Daniela Klette remains silent

Klette has been in custody since Tuesday. In Verden she was brought before a judge. Klette did not comment on the matter, said a spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice. It remains to be seen whether she will accept this over the coming days and weeks. For security reasons, the authorities did not disclose where exactly Burdock was housed.

AUDIO: RAF expert: “Daniela Klette will probably follow the rule of silence” (02/27/2024) (5 min)

Lived in Berlin under a false identity

According to neighbors, the 65-year-old is said to have lived in Berlin for 20 years under the name Claudia. In order to earn money, she is said to have given private tutoring in mathematics. According to the LKA Lower Saxony, when he was arrested on Monday, Klette was alone in the apartment and did not offer any resistance. The justice system in Verden is investigating Klette and her alleged accomplices Garweg and Staub, among other things, for serious robberies with which they are said to have financed their underground life. There is also an arrest warrant against Klette from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe: for causing an explosive explosion and attempted murder in crimes in the early 1990s.

VIDEO: ARD podcasters were on the trail of Daniela Klette in 2023 (3 min)

Podcast “Legion” already had evidence of burdock in December

The podcast “Legion” from NDR and rbb had already come across a woman in dance groups in Berlin in December 2023 while searching for Daniela Klette. When asked, it turned out that the woman had last been seen there in 2019. However, the podcasters were unable to clarify with certainty whether the photos they found were actually Daniela Klette. The BKA and LKA could also have come across the images – either through their own research or the podcast. It is not yet known whether they led to Klette’s discovery. According to the LKA, the decisive tip that led to Klette’s arrest came from the public in November 2023.

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Further information

She was arrested on Monday evening in an apartment in Berlin. The search for Klette’s accomplices continues. (02/28/2023) more

Its origins lie in the ’68 movement. Then the RAF develops into the most brutal terrorist group in the republic. After almost 30 years, it disbanded in 1998. (02/27/2024) more

From the 1970s onwards, terrorist attacks by the RAF kept the Federal Republic in suspense and there were deaths. In the “German Autumn” of 1977 the situation escalated. (02/27/2024) more

The Verden public prosecutor’s office has confirmed investigations. Garweg and two other RAF members went into hiding. (03/31/2023) more

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