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GTA 6 | Incredible details emerge from the trailer: look! – PHOTOS

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GTA 6 |  Incredible details emerge from the trailer: look!  – PHOTOS

The GTA 6 trailer is finally out, sending millions of fans into a frenzy. This new chapter in the Rockstar Games series promises to keep the pedigree of the saga high, already showing production values ​​of great interest in a preview.

The first image of a breathtaking sunset over a penitentiary introduces Lucia, the probable protagonist of the game. The trailer suggests a troubled life of crime for Lucia, steeped in escape from the police and robberies, along with a still unnamed man. The chemistry between them seems evident, but mutual trust appears to be the crucial element.

The sequence at the penitentiary could suggest that the events precede Lucia’s criminal actions, or it could instead show the consequences of a betrayed trust. The plot remains shrouded in mystery, speculating on the possibility of the unnamed accomplice becoming a playable protagonist, bringing to mind a GTA-style “Bonnie & Clyde” dynamic, an unusual but intriguing addition to the series.

The trailer offers brief glimpses of a dense criminal underworld in Vice City, populated by colorful characters and bizarre situations, typical of the GTA style. The city seems to pulsate with life thanks to the technological solutions employed in the production, evident in the impressive visual details and realistic lighting.

Furthermore, the trailer suggests exploration not only of Vice City but also other regions such as Leonidas, offering evocative and detailed natural landscapes. Rockstar Games seems to have invested a lot in creating a believable world, from the detail of the polygon models to the vivid and realistic NPCs.

Looking back with Red Dead Redemption 2, we expect not only a graphical advancement, but also improvements in physics and interaction with the game environment. The first-person view, already present in previous games, could offer a different perspective in shootings and interactions with the surrounding environment.

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GTA 6 seems to aim to celebrate not only the excessive life of Vice City, but also to show the peculiarities of modern life, between self-celebration on social media and typical oddities of a city like Vice City. The anticipation is high to explore this universe full of personality and detail, with the promise of an extraordinary gaming experience. In this sense, a series of images are circulating online which show some details that came out of the trailer and that perhaps you didn’t notice

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