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Guadalupe Plata recover Castilian folklore in “La cigüeña”

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Guadalupe Plata recover Castilian folklore in “La cigüeña”

Let’s remember that Guadalupe Plata returns to music after five years since her last exclusive work “Guadalupe Plata” (18). In 2021 they published an album together with Mike Edison and now they return to their origins recovering the original duo formation of the band.

At the beginning of the month they had already told us about their first single “En mi tumba”, a song that explains, as an epitaph, a story about a soul in pain who has died in a knife fight and whose grave no one has visited.

Now we are presented with “The Stork”, a version of a Spanish folklore song adapted to the frenetic, American but Andalusian style of the group. The video clip that accompanies it, directed by pillar angle y Paco Campanois a cinematographic western of Andalusian blues, a version of the folk song collected by Agapito Marazuela which will be included in this long-awaited new album of the same name.

Of its previous long duration “Guadalupe Plata” We commented in the magazine: “Although nothing essentially changes in their gloomy and hypnotic blues rock, engendering hits like the boogies “Duermo con serpientes” or “Maricarmen” with the fewest elements available in their crusade for involution, they do indulge in add percussion elements from deep Spain such as the bottle of anise, adapting to its nature the spirit of the “Gris-Gris” of Dr. John. The versions are also once again the ideal excuse to try new things, taking “I hear voices” from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, in which Pedro de Dios strays from his usual vocal register as he already did singing Violeta Parra in previous installments; or adapting music and lyrics from “El afuerino” by, precisely, angel parrain collaboration with Sebas Orellana of The Big Rage”.

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