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“Gullruten”: Kevin Lauren: – People hated me

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“Gullruten”: Kevin Lauren: – People hated me

Outwardly, Kevin Lauren is a rap artist with thick jewelry, bright braids and with expressions that few of us understand.

These can become “Participant of the Year”

But on the TV screen in the last year, we have seen a slightly different side of the 35-year-old, during his participation in “71 degrees north – Norway’s toughest celebrity”. This has resulted in a Gullruten nomination for “Participant of the Year”.

– It is very surreal. Not something I expected. It’s a little adventure, says Lauren about the nomination for TV 2.

In recent years, the artist has had a comet career, and has made a big mark on social media. But after “71 degrees north”, it is not only the younger generation who call themselves fans.

“71 GRADER NORD”: Kevin Lauren was in “71 degrees north – Norway’s toughest celebrity.” Photo: Tor Lindseth

– Things have changed. Previously, when “kids” stopped me, the parents stood next to me like question marks. Now the parents also want pictures on the street, he says and continues:

– Now I meet pensioners at the fitness center who want pictures.

Lauren admits that the idea behind the participation was to show off a slightly different side of herself, than the controversial artist you can see in social media.

– Had a lot of adversity

He tells of a happy childhood where football was a high priority, but that he struggled to find belonging in his youth.

– That’s when I started to realize that I was looking for something more, but I was never able to find what I wanted.

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His interest in music started already at the age of 16. But he says that he did not understand then that it was the direction for him. He thinks jantelov was given too much space in the local community, and that it made it difficult for him.

– I faced a lot of adversity, and was pushed very much to the side, he says and continues:

– Suddenly I was standing there and everyone was against me without quite understanding why.

Lauren says that he was always nice to those around him and wished everyone well, but that he experienced that the good wishes were not reciprocated.

– People hated me.

The turning point

His original name is Kevin Soleng Hansen, and he became known to many through “Paradise Hotel” in 2015. Lauren says that the boy you met then was Kevin before it went “to hell”.

– Everything went wrong in 2017. I spent a year where I didn’t know who I was.

He says that he simply “lost himself”.

This is how he explains the extreme transformation

When asked what it did to him, Lauren explains that it was hard. It was difficult to get a job, which in turn resulted in him having to move home with his father.

– I was cursed at the world for quite a few years.

He says that it was challenging to be without a job, and to have nothing to live on. To get by financially, the choice fell on crime. It resulted in him being caught at one point for possession of marijuana and for driving under the influence of drugs.

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Lauren was later convicted and served two months in prison.

That was the turning point.

– I have made some choices that do not correspond to who I really am.

The “real” Kevin

Many question whether or not Kevin Lauren is a character. The protagonist himself refuses to call himself a character, but admits that he exaggerates.

– Everything about me is greatly exaggerated. Russian artists say it’s raining money. I exaggerate that things are more negative than they are.

He has no doubts about what he dreams of in the future. It is the music that is given priority, and perhaps the TV viewers will get to experience him in several programmes.

– I’m living a dream and I don’t want anything to change. I will stay on the path I am on now.

But he has no plans to become an adult.

– I need to be a rebel for a few more years before Kevin does like Vinnie in Paperboys, and grows up.

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