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Guterres warns: the next ten years is the last chance to save the planet

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Original title: Guterres warns: the next ten years is the last chance to save the planet

According to a report from EFE Madrid on June 4, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned on the 4th local time that the next ten years are the last chance to save the planet from climate disasters, pollution and species destruction.

According to reports, each June 5th is World Environment Day. On the eve of this year’s World Environment Day, Guterres emphasized in his speech: “The earth is rapidly approaching an irreversible tipping point. We are facing a triple environmental emergency, namely biodiversity loss, climate change and increased pollution.”

On the same day, the United Nations announced the launch of the “United Nations Ecosystem Restoration Decade” action plan, with a view to implementing the grand plan to restore the ecosystem from now to 2030.

Guterres said: “Science tells us that the next decade is the last chance to avoid climate disasters, reverse the wave of deadly pollution, and end species extinction.”

He also pointed out: “Mankind has been cutting down forests, polluting rivers and oceans, and reclaiming grasslands for a long time, which has caused the disappearance of natural resources.”

Guterres said: “We are destroying the ecosystem that sustains the functioning of human society. In the process of natural degradation, we are facing the risk of losing the food, water and resources that we depend on for survival.”

Guterres said environmental degradation has destroyed the well-being of 40% of the world’s population. But he also made it clear that the earth is capable of recovery, and that humans still have time to reverse the damage they have caused.

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In this sense, he emphasized that the “United Nations Ecosystem Restoration Decade” action plan aims to call on people around the world to act together, and will combine “political support, scientific research, and financial strength to expand the scale of ecosystem restoration.”

Guterres said: “The task is arduous. We need to replant and protect forests, clean up rivers and oceans, and promote urban greening.”

He also said: “This is not only to protect the earth’s resources, it will also create millions of jobs by 2030.” These jobs will generate millions of income every year, which in turn will help eradicate poverty and hunger.

As the leader of the host country for the 2021 World Environment Day, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on the 4th that the ecosystem should be protected to deal with climate change.

He emphasized in the opening ceremony of the online event held for World Environment Day: “We must protect the ecosystem to prevent the rapid decline of forest coverage, and at the same time we must curb environmental degradation.”

He cited a number of plans carried out by the Pakistani government to combat deforestation, such as the tree planting plan to plant 10 billion trees across the country. Up to now, about 1 billion tree species have been planted.

He also specifically mentioned policies aimed at promoting electric vehicles and creating green jobs, which is one of the measures implemented by the Pakistani government to achieve a more sustainable world.

According to reports, leaders and important figures of other countries have also participated in World Environment Day activities, such as the German ChancellorMerckYou wait.

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(Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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