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Hacked ATP flag page of Greater Albania | Sport

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Hacked ATP flag page of Greater Albania |  Sport

Hackers attacked the Facebook account of the ATP Tour and placed flags of Great Albania on it.

Izvor: Facebook/printscreen/ATP Tour

The ATP Tour account on Facebook was hacked by a group of Albanians who congratulated Albania on Independence Day on that channel, along with photos from the match between Serbia and Albania that took place almost a decade ago in Belgrade.

Then there was a drone over Humska with the flag of “Greater Albania”, and now the message, which has not been deleted, states the following:

“Happy Independence Day, Albania. On this great day, our hearts are full of pride as we celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity. Let the flag of Greater Albania, a symbol of our rich history, fly proudly and show the strength of our nation,” reads the ATP tour page with flags of Albania and “Kosovo”.

This message has been on the account of the ATP organization for several hours, which has not yet informed the fans about this act on its other social media accounts.

Izvor: Screenshot/Facebook/ATP Tour

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