Home World Hainan, 80,000 tourists stranded in “Chinese Hawaii” for a Covid outbreak: “We want to go home!”

Hainan, 80,000 tourists stranded in “Chinese Hawaii” for a Covid outbreak: “We want to go home!”

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Hainan, 80,000 tourists stranded in “Chinese Hawaii” for a Covid outbreak: “We want to go home!”

Over 80,000 tourists are blocked in Sanya, a very popular Chinese holiday resort on the island of Hainan, due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities following an outbreak of Covid. The sudden blockade was also triggered for means of transport, with people who could not take the flight a few hours after take-off. In a viral video online, an airport official announces the decision by apologizing, but the angry crowd yells: “We want to go home! We want to go home!”. And this morning the capital of Hainan, Haikou, about 2 million inhabitants, along with four other locations, also ended up in lockdown, and they will be until at least 20 tonight.

Wuhan returns to lockdown for four asymptomatic cases: one million people at home

All flights departing from the city, inhabited by over a million people, have been canceled and it is possible to leave Sanya only after having tested negative for five coronavirus tests carried out within a week. Meanwhile, tourists will be confined to their hotels. All transport and public places – restaurants, karaoke bars and spas – have been closed and only essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies are open. Hainan and the smaller islands that surround it are nicknamed the “Chinese Hawaii” due to the many surfers who frequent them.

Covid in China, after 4 months of fighting the zero-case virus in Beijing and Shanghai

by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo

In the province of Hainan, 1,400 cases have been recorded in the last month, of these 470 last Saturday, of which 245 asymptomatic. On the same day, a total of 760 cases were found in China throughout the country. Relatively small numbers for an island where 9.2 million people live, but Beijing continues to apply the very strict policy of zero Covid and controlled lockdowns as soon as an outbreak emerges.

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In China, new closures for Covid. Dissatisfaction mounts on social media: “But when will it end?”

by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo

The island of Hainan, known for its white beaches and warm climate all year round, with its “all inclusive” resorts, attracts tens of millions of Chinese tourists every year, especially in recent times when the trips abroad for locals are extremely complicated.

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