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Haiti, 17 US missionaries kidnapped by a gang

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A group of 17 Christian missionaries from the United States and their families were kidnapped in Port-au-Prince as they left an orphanage. The New York Times reports it. According to the newspaper, which cites Haitian security sources, the group, which included children, was kidnapped by a criminal gang while on a bus traveling from the orphanage to the airport.

Despite the deteriorating security situation in Haiti, the kidnapping of such a large group of Americans came as a surprise to local authorities, reports the NYT. Kidnappings have become common in Haiti since early 2020, occur indiscriminately and affect people. from all walks of life, as they have become a source of funding for the armed gangs that control many slums in Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country.

According to the Center for Analysis and Research on Human Rights (Cardh), Haiti has seen an “exponential” increase in kidnappings in the last two months, with 117 in September, a figure that is 60% more than in August. Since the beginning of the year, 628 kidnappings have been reported in the country, including 29 foreigners of three nationalities, although Cardh indicates that this figure will increase as other countries provide data on their citizens.

The gangs granted a brief two-week respite in kidnappings between the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7 and his burial on July 23, but then resumed their activity, according to a report from the United Nations office in Haiti. presented to the Security Council on 27 September.

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