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Haiti: shooting at the group of premier Henry, unharmed

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The party of the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, was at the center of a shooting at the end of a Te Deum celebrated yesterday in the cathedral of les Gonaives, the historic city of Haitian independence from France declared in 1804. Henry, who was protected from security and remained unharmed, he had decided to take part, together with some ministers, in the religious ceremony in which no high government authorities had intervened in the last four years due to threats from the criminal gangs that control the region. One of these, in the Raboto sector of the city, had warned the premier that if he decided to attend the Te Deum he would put his life at risk. Hence the fire fight that accompanied the Te Deum and which intensified at the exit of the government party, with the toll of at least one dead person and another wounded.

Henry, reports the news portal AlterPresse, had also asked local authorities to set up a stage to be able to deliver a speech to the population on the occasion of the 218th anniversary of independence, but the plan was canceled due to the violence of the shooting. Videos posted on social networks clearly show the security emergency at the exit from the cathedral and the stampede of the government party of Henry and his ministers.

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