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Haiti, the police: “the mind” of the assassination of the president arrested

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PORT AU PRINCE – Haitian police announced that they had arrested “the mastermind” of the president’s murder Jovenel Moïse. He is a 63-year-old Haitian doctor, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who lived in the United States, Florida, and who returned to Port au Prince in June with the aim of becoming president. To make his name were some of the members of the ‘death squad’ arrested in recent days.

Haiti, former soldiers in the jungle: who are the Colombians who killed President Moïse

by Daniele Mastrogiacomo

The chief of the Haitian police, Leon Charles, said the suspect, “who entered Haiti last month on a private plane, had political goals.” Sanon was accompanied by some Colombian citizens in charge of his security, whom he had recruited through a Venezuelan company called Ctu, based in Florida.

Charles explained that the initial mission entrusted to the commando was “to arrest the President of the Republic” and not to kill him, as happened last week. Sanon reportedly contacted “two other people who we consider to be the masterminds of Moïse’s assassination,” added the police chief, without providing further information on the suspects.

Haiti, the president’s widow who survived the attack speaks: “My husband killed for his dreams”

According to Haitian authorities, the 28-member squad broke into the presidential family’s home and opened fire on him and his wife, Martine. The president was killed, and his wife, seriously injured, was flown to a Miami hospital after the first treatment.


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