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Han explained to the United States the US response to Yin Xiyue’s “explosive language”: not a problem

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Han explained to the United States the US response to Yin Xiyue’s “explosive language”: not a problem

2022-09-27 09:40:25Source: World Wide Web

Korean media: South Korea explained to the United States about Yin Xiyue’s “expletive language” that the United States responded that “it is not a problem”

[Global Network Reporter Fu Jiajun]According to a report by South Korea’s Newsis News Agency on the 27th, the South Korean government said on the 26th local time that the South Korean side has caused controversy over South Korean President Yoon Sek-yue’s “expletive language” during a conference in New York, the United States. , explained and explained to the U.S. State Department and the National Security Council. The South Korean government said that the U.S. side understood the South Korean side’s explanation and responded that “this is not a problem”.

According to reports, a South Korean government official said on the 26th local time that the South Korean side has made a clear statement to the U.S. side regarding the media reports on President Yin Xiyue’s remarks, indicating that the relevant remarks are not aimed at the United States. The official added that South Korea’s ambassador to the United States, Cho Tae-yong, communicated the South Korean government’s position directly to the National Security Council and explained the matter to the U.S. State Department through a government delegation. The official said the US National Security Council responded after listening to South Korea’s explanation, “Understood, this is not a problem,” while also saying that “reports that are not based on facts may burden the South Korea-US alliance.”

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According to the report, the South Korean government stated that the United States had never asked the South Korean side any questions or asked the South Korean side to explain the matter of Yin Xiyue’s “expletive language” during his participation in the United States. The South Korean side believes that after stating the South Korean side’s position to the US side this time, the US side also showed “understanding” on the matter. In addition, in view of the fact that public opinion reports on related disputes have spread to the US media, the South Korean side also plans to take specific countermeasures against the influence of overseas public opinion.

According to previous reports, Yin Xiyue attended the 7th Fiscal Convention of the Global Fund hosted by US President Biden in the United States on the 21st local time. On the 22nd, a number of South Korean media reported that after the relevant meeting ended, Yin Xiyue said in Korean to Foreign Minister Park Zhen and National Security Office Director Kim Sung-han: “If the little cubs in Congress do not admit it, President Biden will also feel the same. My face is dull, what should I do?” The Korean media believed in related reports that Yin Xiyue insulted the US Congress and mentioned Biden. Subsequently, the matter was criticized by domestic public opinion in South Korea as a “diplomatic tragedy” and “vulgar diplomacy”, and related disputes began to spread around the world.

Since then, the South Korean Presidential Office urgently came forward on the 22nd to “clarify” that the target of Yin Xiyue’s abuse in the relevant speech was not the U.S. Congress, but the South Korean Congress, and did not mention Biden. But the controversy did not seem to subside because of this. Therefore, Yin Xiyue himself responded to the relevant controversy for the first time on the 26th, saying that the media’s “false reports” of his remarks damaged the alliance between South Korea and the United States.

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