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Harald Eia criticizes Dagsrevyen for features about Lillebjørn Nilsen: – A media scandal

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Harald Eia criticizes Dagsrevyen for features about Lillebjørn Nilsen: – A media scandal

Harald Eia criticizes NRK for the tribute to Lillebjørn Nilsen in Dagsrevyen Photo: Kristoffer Kumar / Lars Os, NRK

Harald Eia believes that NRK has violated several points in the Vær varsom poster after a music feature on Dagsrevyen. NRK replies that it was not a news item.

In the last episode of the podcast “Tore and Harald’s podcast”, Harald criticizes Eia et feature on Dagsrevyen. The feature was made after Lillebjørn Nilsen died. In the podcast, he calls it “a media scandal”.

In the feature, Frida Ånnevik, Odd Nordstoga, Tuva Syvertsen and Emilie Christensen sing the song “Good night, Oslo”. In addition, the Broadcasting Orchestra, the Dementia Choir and a school class also take part.

– Constructed

Tore Sagen and Harald Eia have the podcast “Tore and Harald’s podcast” on PodMe. Photo: Kristoffer Kumar

Eia points out that he likes the feature, and that he himself is a Lillebjørn Nilsen fan, but reacts because he realizes that it is not a concert that NRK has covered, but that it is a feature that Dagsrevyen itself has made.

He says that he has received confirmation that the artists have been paid.

– This is not news. This has been constructed by NRK. It is as if Sidsel Vold had hired Palestinian musicians to sing old Jewish songs in the West Bank.

He believes the feature is a breach of the Vær Varsom poster’s 3.11 about paid sources. The reason is that the artists also talk about their relationship with Nilsen in the sale.

– They are interviewed for a fee. These are reputable sources. And it’s not just a breach of 3.11, but also my good friend point 2.3, he says, referring to when he lodged a complaint against TV 2 to the Swedish Football Association after a case about ME. TV 2 was dropped for the case.

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– Make the viewers aware of it

NRK gathered several musicians for a tribute to Lillebjørn Nilsen. Photo: Lars Os, NRK

In the podcast, Eia points out that he sees no point in complaining about NRK to PFU himself, because that’s what he mentioned last time, but wants his partner Tore Sagen to complain about the case.

Medier24 has submitted the criticism from EIA to NRK.

Hanna Thorsen, Editor-in-Chief Dagsrevyen, writes that the feature is not a news item, but a tribute to Lillebjørn Nilsen.

– We make the viewers aware that it is we who have invited the artists in the introduction. It is true that we have paid the artists a standard fee for the musical work they have contributed. In addition, they come with a short comment about what Lillebjørn has meant to them.

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