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Harry after the book Spare regrets. Meghan: ‘I warned you’

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Harry after the book Spare regrets.  Meghan: ‘I warned you’

After the initial euphoria, the millions of copies sold, the spotlight of the world upon him, now for Harry, the “escort son” of Charles III and Lady D. the time has come for a showdown. Which means loneliness, icy stares, a break in relations with his family (he was also banned from his coronation on May 9). And yesterday he went off to complain on TV. “My neighbors in Montecito no longer greet us, the only bookstore in the country has not put my book in the window, we are surrounded by ice”. Then a pause: «Maybe Meghan was right, I should have pondered the consequences more».

The solitude of the second numbers
If on the one hand the book was a (announced) sales success, Spare, as they said, Prince Harry’s book, certainly didn’t appeal to everyone. His neighbors in Montecito certainly snubbed him. Mary Sheldon, who manages the Tecolate bookstore in the famous Californian neighborhood where many stars live, told The Guardian that she has sold just thirty copies. A real flop, but Mrs. Sheldon has a clear idea of ​​u200bu200bthe thing: “I think most people here consider it a soap opera.” Ninety out of a hundred this book will become a soap, the basic ingredients are all there, the crown, the myth of Diana who tragically passes away, the father future King unaffectionate, the evil stepmother who has always been there.

If the popularity of William and Kate languishes that of Harry and Meghan is at the mini historians
According to a survey carried out by YouGov, only 26% of Britons have a positive opinion of the prince, the lowest level since 2011, when the market research firm began monitoring the royal family. Nearly two-thirds of Britons, 64% of the total, have a negative opinion of the fifth in line to the throne. If Harry thought to bring English and not to his side with the publication of the memoir of him has made a major blunder. After the uproar of the first hour he does not seem to have benefited from the book at all, except for the economic proceeds, of course. A consequence that, albeit to a lesser extent, is also affecting his brother William and Kate Middleton. However, they remain the most loved royals of all, even in the United States. Which is not true at all for the dukes of Sussex, whose presence at the coronation of Charles III is by no means a given.

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The three truth-books that have yet to come out
Charles III confided in his friends: «My son has three other books in store. Whether the former failed to destroy us, we don’t know about the others. I have to get it back in time.” It is therefore not excluded that Charles III summons William to stop the release of future scandalous books. According to well-informed people he will do it before the coronation.

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