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Harry and Meghan documentary beats The Crown in audience race

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Harry and Meghan documentary beats The Crown in audience race

LONDON Harry e Meghan beat the British crown. Statistics in hand: a despite the ferocious accusations it has aroused in the English press, or perhaps its own thanks also to these, the documentary of the dukes of Sussex marks a new record of audience per Netflix in the UK. The first installment got even more double the audience of the first episode of the last season of “The Crown”, the series about the royal family recently transmittedawith 2 million and 400 thousand spectators against 1 mmillion and 100 thousand. If the couple wanted to take a symbolic revenge on the controversy against the decision of make a TV seriesthe figures give reason to “H” and “M”, as they seem to call each other.

“Harry & Meghan”, the fury of British newspapers: “They want to bring down the monarchy”

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

eale, the so-called “royal watchers” that in this Country often express themselves as if it werero the official representatives of the Windsors, heavily criticize the series “Harry & Meghan”: one of the accusations is that, so by doing, the dukes show that they are in contradiction with themselves, because they are went to America saying they wanted to protect theto their privacy, tired of the siege of the newspapers, but now they shamelessly exhibit themselves in the TV series. “The dukes have never cited privacy as a reason to step back”, says their spokesperson. This distorted narrative has lnotction of forcing them to silence. In their statement announcing the decision to no longer play a role a full-time in the royal household and moving to America, there was not a word about privacy and the desire to continue to have was repeated public duties in representation of the monarchy. Any statement other than this underlines a key aspect of the series. The dukes have decided to make their story known, in their own terms, yet the tabloids have crafted a narrative entirelyand phony it affects press coverage and public opinion. The facts speak for themselves.”

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The tabloids against Harry and Meghan for the film on Netflix: “They wage war on William and Kate”

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

Nonetheless, the tabloid campaign continues: today the Daily Mail opens with “news”, attributed as always to “friends” of the royal house, according to which Frrincipe Williamm ‘will never forgive Harry’ for ‘disrespecting the queen’ releasing a documentary accusing the monarchy to a few months after the death of Elizabeth II. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen: King Charlesil Prince of Wales his direct heir and every other member of the Windsors as yet not they pronounce a single syllable on the Netflix series. And a Downing Street spokesman distances himself from the initiative of a Conservative MP that he intends to present a resolution to strip the Dukes of Sussex of any royal title: “These are things which belong to royal palace,” says the prime minister’s office Rishi Sunak.

The UK’s “bread and circuses”: a cross between the crisis and the “Harry & Meghan” scandal

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

However, the issue of privacy is only one of the accusations made by the press a Hairry and Meghan. Another is to exaggerate the victimhood: “The idea that the family real wanted to destroy them is absurd”, comments the Bbccertainly more balanced in the his judgments compared to the tabloids. While noting that the thesis spread by the TV series onl latent or unconscious racism existing in the royal family “ring true”, even the Guardianthe only truly anti-monarchist newspaper, writes in an editorial that in the United Kingdom there are many other victims of racism and injustice in general. Looking forward to the next three final episodes of the documentary, those that according to rumors could contain the most serious allegations at Windsor, for the dukes of Sussex remains the satisfaction of having won the war of the audience: even if the withconda and the third installment had a smaller audience than the first, as in genre is normal with TV series, even these have surpassed the second e third episode of the last season of “The Crown”. And the first installment still has the absolute record since Netflix collects statistics on the number of viewers. “Harry and Meghan beat the Crown”: ecco a title that the couple This morning will celebrate sDefinitely, in his own villa in California.

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