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he runs over a motorcycle, passers-by block his car

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he runs over a motorcycle, passers-by block his car

Pesaro, 28 March 2023 – It reversesdoes not notice a motorbike arriving, the girl on the saddle crashes into the car and falls to the ground, the car stops but only several meters ahead.

Fear and excitement Saturday afternoon, about 3 pm, in Road between the two ports, more or less at the same level as the Nautical Club: passers-by who at first saw the driver leaving followed him and took the keys from the dashboard of the car to block him. The man, identified by the local police, refused to take an alcohol test.

Hero a 51-year-old born and resident in Florence, perhaps coming out of a lavish lunch, or in any case from a place where he had been drinking a little. He is driving a Fiat 500 Abarth. He begins an U-turn to return towards the city centre, but he does not notice a motorcycle, a Kawasaki 650, proceeding towards the port, driven by a 27-year-old from Pesaro which impacts the front of the 500. The girl falls to the ground and will then be taken to hospital for a suspected fracture of the pelvis.

Arriva the police local. From the 500 meanwhile some passersby, who witnessed the clash, have removed the keys, to lock the vehicle. When the officers approach the 51-year-old, they notice from his breath that he may have drunk a little too much. They subject him to an alcohol test. But he can’t blow. He tries several times, but he can’t or doesn’t want to. For the local police, therefore, that test is equivalent to a refusal, and the maximum of the code applies: that is, as if he had driven with 1.5 alcohol in his blood. He is taken to the command for investigations. Then he jumps out another detail: He drove without a licence, never appears to have taken one. His car is seized, he is charged with driving under the influence, and he is accused of driving without a license.

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