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Held his dead mother’s body in front of the TV for 10 years Info

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Held his dead mother’s body in front of the TV for 10 years  Info

When investigators entered the suspect’s house, they found the body of a woman on the couch in front of the television.

Source: lubelska.policja.gov.pl/screenshot

To the man who dug up the dead mother’s body, took it home, mummified and put on the couch in front of the TV, he faces prison terms. The gruesome discovery was made after a 76-year-old man decided to visit his son-in-law at his home in the town of Radlin, in southwestern Poland, writes the Daily Mail.

Noticing him wandering around the house and looking distracted, the brother-in-law decided to call 911. When they entered the house, they found a mummified body lying on the couch on a pile of old newspapers. Police spokeswoman Malgorzata Koniarska said: “We received a report that a family member of the owner of the apartment discovered a body. The police went to Rogozina Street in Radlin. In the part of the house belonging to an elderly man a mummified corpse was discovered.’

Joana Smorczewska from the District Attorney’s office said: “According to the DNA analysis, the mummified body belongs to Marijana L.’s mother, Jadviga L., who died in January 2010. The grave of Jadviga L., where she was buried on January 16, 2010, it was found to be empty. Probably the man dug up the mother’s body right after the burial and then mummified it. The body has been in this house since 2010.’

It is assumed that Marijan L., who lives only 300 meters from the cemetery, perhaps carried the corpse home on a bicycle. The head of the district prosecutor’s office, Marcin Felsztinski, added: “Everything indicates that he is a man used some chemicals to mummify the corpse. The apartment smelled of mothballs.’ According to the investigators, the body was in “perfect condition”. Although the gruesome discovery was made back in February, the news was published only now after the suspect accused of desecrating a corpse.

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According to local media, Marijan L. was a ‘loner’, a his neighbors didn’t even know his name. One said: ‘He would always leave the house at night, take his bicycle and go into the unknown.’ His mother will be reburied.


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