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HIC SUNT BARBARIANS (like there have never been any)

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HIC SUNT BARBARIANS (like there have never been any)


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Google has obscured all the images of Palestinian civilians in Gaza rounded up at random, stripped naked, tied with their hands behind their backs and lined up on their knees, exposed to the December cold and to the ridicule of barbarians who have escaped from the human dimension (even if there is no memory of barbarians who have committed atrocities of this magnitude, including torture and humiliation of innocents). If you have seen them fleetingly on TV, escape the censorship of the barbarians, keep them in memory forever. They serve to distinguish.

This is happening while, in Rome, a thousand pro-Zionist misdirectors demonstrate against an anti-Semitism that does not exist, but is anti-Zionism, that is, rejection of Israeli aberrations, passed off as racism. And so that, for almost a century, the world champions of racism grafted into Palestine. They cry out, the original terrorists who have become systemic, at the terrorism alarm, the paroxysm of all paradoxes. That threat is all theirs, historically and currently

Lesser emulators of this barbarity, in Ukraine, issue a warning to the historical masters: beware of overdoing it, setting up False Flags like in Bucha, or September 11th, or October 7th, committing obscenities like in Abu Ghraib, in the palace of Odessa burned with the living inside, or like in the hospitals of Gaza, full of sick, wounded, incubators with dead children, there is a risk of losing credit, which is essential to drag the fools along. Ukraine has gotten to the point where no one is queuing anymore. Israel, in the perception of humans, has changed from a victim to an executioner and so its destinies are inexorably marked, no matter how many backlashes the rotting empire causes it to give, or gives.

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The Western race towards totalitarianism, entrusted to criminals bred in imperial zoos such as Zelensky, Netaniahu, Macron, Sunak, Scholz, Von der Leyen, and our garden gnomes with their premiership, is thus in crisis, no matter how much it tries paroxystically. . All busy opening their way against free men and women through frantic copying and pasting from the regretted twenties and thirties of the last century.

In the meantime, the weapon of mass distraction and of numbing the neurons through patriarchal-macho drumming is being used, taking advantage of an event of criminal normality such as the killing of a woman by a “male”, to spark yet another conflict that disintegrates human society, between good (all women and the powers in place in the West) and evil: all males and, then, deniers, flat-Earthers, Putinists, conspiracy theorists, pacifists…).

From the kingdom of the abject to that of the smart guys from the neighborhood, with the excellence Luca Casarini in the lead. Fake scoundrel and collateralist of imperial false flags at the turn of the millennium, the former head of the “Disobedients”, of the “Tute Bianche” and of the Zapatista-style “Ya Basta”, I have met him many times, operating in disguise rebellious. I also followed him while he provided assistance from his social centers to the bombers D’Alema and Marco Rizzo (of the “Italian Communists” in the majority) and to the crypto-CIA coup plotters of Otpor in Belgrade; while in Chiapas, exploiting the unhappiness of the Maya, he became the altar boy of the dodgy subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatista bishop Ruiz, committed against the left and Obrador and against the redemption of Mexico from the narcos-USA mortmain; And. again, while at the G8 in Genoa it facilitated the psycho-environmental conditions for the massacre carried out under Gianni De Gennaro, eternal political-police-military protagonist of our status as a US colony.

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Today, Casarini is still a hero of our time, immediately sainted for having “met Jesus at sea” as a migrant-saving captain of the “Ionian Sea” and for these merits being supported by the bishops and raised, if not to the throne, to the synod universal of the pope. Once again the ex-alleged scoundrel flanks the “good”: facilitating the relocation of populations for the purposes of controlling local wages and overseas territories emptied of their people, but wide open to the voracity of those arriving from the West with bulldozers and excavators of natural resources.

You won’t believe it, but there is still much more in the episode. Take a seat, it lasts almost an hour.

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