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High wire artist Freddy Nock is dead: police are investigating

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High wire artist Freddy Nock is dead: police are investigating

The extreme sports world mourns Freddy Nock. The Swiss high-wire artist, who holds many world records, died at the age of 59.

the essentials in brief

  • Freddy Nock died in Switzerland.

  • The high wire artist has been awarded numerous… World records and sensational actions.

  • Nock was last in Circus Roncalli occurred.

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“We are all dismayed. He did not appear to be ill. We are in contact with his family, as soon as we know more there will be a statement,” the spokeswoman told the Swiss news portal “20 Minutes”. How Nock died is still unclear. The Aargau Cantonal Police “Blick” confirmed that there was an operation in this context in Uerkheim on Wednesday morning (February 7th).

Police confirm operation at the high wire artist’s home

Nock was found dead at his place of residence. A crime is “not the main focus,” it said. The Cause of death is the subject of the investigation.

Nock was converted into one in 1964 Circus family born into it. He was already practicing balancing at the age of four, he told the “NZZ am Sonntag” in 2020. He walked a high wire for the first time when he was eleven. In 1998 he set the first world record: Nock ran 734 meters Support cable of the signal railway in St. Moritz.

Nock set numerous world records

The Swiss was always looking for the next kick. His motto was: “The sky is the limit.” His website states: “No skyscraper, no mountain and no lake is safe from him.” The high-wire artist demonstrated this several times. In 2010, for example, he crossed the river over a length of 900 meters Lake Zurich on a high rope, and a year later he walked over a supporting cable from the glacier cable car to the top Zugspitze. That same year, Nock grabbed seven world records in seven days with stunts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Recently, a Russian cosmonaut set a remarkable world record.

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In 2011, Freddy Nock runs on the Zugspitze over the cable of the glacier railway, which leads from the Zugspitzplatt to the summit station. © picture alliance / dpa | Marc Müller

Freddy Nock set 27 records in his career. Nock was the one who could sit on a rope for the longest time. In 2018 he managed to last eight and a half hours in a Lucerne shopping center. The extreme athlete was also the first unsecured high wire walker as well the fastest on the rope at different distances.

Nock had private problems – but he had big plans for 2024

A few years ago, according to the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, personal problems became known. Nock argued with his wife in court. She threw him Intent to kill and rape and there was also a custody dispute. As a result, he lost sponsors and contracts and withdrew.

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But he had big plans again for 2024: Nock wanted to use one Hot air balloons balancing over a rope at a height of more than 5,000 meters without safety.

In 2023, another well-known athlete, Tim Lobinger, died. The pole vaulter was only 50 years old.

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