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Historic vote in Chile. At the polls for the Constituent Assembly

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Chile votes, today and tomorrow, to choose the 155 representatives called to write a new Constitution for the country and replace the old text that dates back to the days of the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Almost 80 percent of Chileans, in a national plebiscite held on 25 October last, spoke in favor of the need for a new charter. A turning point that appeared increasingly necessary after the massive street protests that broke out in 2019 for the increase in the cost of the subway ticket and became the cry for a profound change in the country.

Chile, the girls who have lost their eyes for the new Constitution

by Elena Basso

Activists mobilized with the hope of obtaining the recognition of equality for women, the protection of the environment and indigenous people and then new rules on abortion, a theme that in recent years has brought thousands of people to the streets. The Constituent Assembly will have 17 seats reserved for indigenous peoples (representing 12.8 percent of the population) and will be made up equally of men and women.

To obtain the changes, it is necessary to obtain a majority of two thirds of the members of the 155 assembly.

Chile closes the Pinochet era: the yes to the new Constitution wins with 78%

by Daniele Mastrogiacomo

The right-wing parties that make up the “Chile Vamos” governing coalition, led by the president Sebastian Piñera, they will go to the elections together on a single list, while the left opposition has failed to agree and is fragmented.

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The text that will emerge from the work of the assembly will be subjected to a public vote in mid-2022.

At the same time there is also a vote to elect new mayors and regional governors.

Marcela Serrano: “With the new Constitution, my Chile wounded by Pinochet can now look to the future”

by Daniele Mastrogiacomo


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