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Hollywood Strike Movie ‘Bad Boys 4’ to Release in 2024

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Hollywood Strike Movie “Bad Boys 4” Set for Summer 2024 Release

By Yao Liwei, 2023-07-30 13:09

Hollywood fans can rejoice as the highly anticipated “Bad Boys 4” is set to hit theaters on June 14, 2024, marking its entry into the summer schedule. Known for its black comedy elements, the “Bad Boys” series has always been adored by audiences.

The preparations for “Bad Boys 4” began three years ago, and on the eve of the Oscars, the film’s lead star, Smith, received the first 40 pages of the script. Additionally, Chris Bremner, who was in charge of the script for “Bad Boys 3,” will also join the crew of “Bad Boys 4.”

The film was confirmed to be directed by Adil El Erbi and Bilal Farah two years ago. The previous installment, “Bad Boys 3,” was set in Miami and followed the story of Detective Mike and his partner Marcus as they took on criminals in the city. Although facing their own challenges, the duo managed to overcome obstacles and bring justice to the streets.

It is worth noting that Hollywood is currently experiencing a general strike by writers and actors. Despite this, the fact that “Bad Boys 4” is still scheduled for a summer release in 2024 indicates that the producers remain optimistic about the strike’s resolution.

Fans can expect another thrilling and comedic adventure with the return of their favorite Jedi Warriors. As the strike continues, movie enthusiasts eagerly await the end of the strike and the release of “Bad Boys 4.”

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