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Honduras’s new president hints that he does not intend to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing | Taiwan’s diplomatic countries | South America

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[Epoch Times December 03, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan compiled a report) A senior ally of Honduras’ successor President Xiomara Castro said on Thursday (December 2), Her government does not intend to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing because it prioritizes relations with the United States, which shows that the new president of Honduras may have changed its diplomatic stance before the election.

Castro, 62, calls himself a democratic socialist. In Sunday’s presidential election, Castro seemed to have won the national election by a relatively large margin, and her main rival had also surrendered.

Before the election, she said that she was open to starting formal diplomatic relations with mainland China; if elected, she would establish diplomatic relations with mainland China and sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Castro’s account of China‘s relations sparked a diplomatic wrestle between Beijing and Washington, both of which tried to influence the Central American country.

The U.S. State Department stated on the eve of the Honduras election that the U.S. hopes that Honduras will maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Beijing subsequently criticized the U.S. for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and “hands-off” in Honduras.

In recent years, China has been making diplomatic arrangements in Central and South America. For example, it has signed free trade agreements with Chile and Peru, and has increasingly close economic and trade relations with Central American countries.

In addition, Beijing is also actively wooing Honduras and other Taiwan’s diplomatic countries in Central America.

Honduras, as a South American country with a population of less than 10 million, has established diplomatic relations with the government of the Republic of China since 1941. Honduras is one of the 15 countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Mainland China regards Taiwan as a deserted province, but historically, the CCP has not ruled Taiwan for a day.

Salvador Nasralla, who is expected to become one of Castro’s three vice presidents, told Reuters on Thursday that Honduras’ relationship with China must be weighed against its relationship with the United States.

When asked if Honduras will establish relations with China, Nasra replied: “No.”

“There will be no relationship with China. The relationship (Honduras) with Taiwan will continue,” he added. “Our trade ally, our close ally, and our historical ally is the United States. We do not want to fight the United States, the United States is us. Major trading ally.”

Another senior politician who asked not to be named and Castro’s successor government also told Reuters that they would not strengthen their relations with China because there are no such “conditions.”

The economist Hugo Pino, the coordinator of the Castro government’s plan, said earlier that the decision to establish diplomatic relations with China is not final, and that negotiations with companies, trade unions, farmers and social organizations are still ongoing. .

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