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Hong Kong adds 16,023 confirmed cases and 40 deaths | New | The Epoch Times

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Hong Kong adds 16,023 confirmed cases and 40 deaths | New | The Epoch Times

[TheEpochTimesDecember192022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporters Zhang Yingyu and Ye Zeyu from Hong Kong) The Center for Health Protection announced that as of 0:00 on the 18th, there were 16,023 new confirmed cases, including 15,147 local confirmed cases and 876 confirmed cases. imported cases and 40 new deaths.

In terms of residential care homes, 21 residents and 8 staff members of 18 residential care homes for the elderly were diagnosed; 9 residents of 9 residential care homes for the disabled were diagnosed. As for schools, no new positive cases were reported due to the holidays. A total of 7 classes in 7 schools need to be suspended for 7 days, involving 1 kindergarten or child care center, 2 primary schools, 3 secondary schools and 1 special school.

As of 0:00 on December 18, a total of 226 cases of XBB, 6 cases of XBD, 8 cases of BA.2.75.2, 7 cases of BA.4.6, 13 cases of BF.7 and 38 cases of BQ. 1.1 Subfamily cases. A total of 142 cases of XBB, 18 cases of XBD, 1 case of BA.2.75.2, 9 cases of BF.7 and 166 cases of subtype BQ.1.1 were also found in the local cases.

So far, there have been 1,112,026 positive nucleic acid test cases and 1,242,894 positive rapid antigen test cases in Hong Kong, with 11,171 deaths.

Chief Justice Zhang Juneng diagnosed

The Judiciary announced yesterday that Chief Judge Zhang Ju-neng tested positive for the test and is now being quarantined in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection. According to the judiciary, Zhang Juneng last went to work last Friday (16th). He wore a mask and complied with relevant epidemic prevention measures while working, and carried out rapid antigen tests every day. He has no recent travel history.

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The Labor and Welfare Bureau announced yesterday that a family member of Liu Yan, the Permanent Secretary of the Bureau, was diagnosed with the disease. Liu is currently undergoing home quarantine in accordance with the guidelines of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health. During the quarantine period, he will work from home. The bureau stated that Liu Yan has regularly carried out nucleic acid tests and quick tests, and the results were all negative, and the results of the quick test conducted yesterday were also negative. She wore a mask and followed relevant epidemic prevention measures while working.

In addition, the Hospital Authority announced that yesterday (17th) there were 3,908 confirmed patients who needed to be hospitalized for treatment, of which 520 were newly confirmed patients. Currently, the overall occupancy rate of medical beds in acute hospitals is about 106%. Another 2,719 patients were admitted to isolation facilities.

The Hospital Authority has newly reported 15 critical patients and 23 serious patients. There are now a total of 122 critical patients and 116 serious patients. Among them, 38 critical patients are receiving intensive treatment. ◇

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