Home World Hong Kong adds 5990 cases and the epidemic is steadily declining | Hong Kong | Vaccine | New Coronary Pneumonia

Hong Kong adds 5990 cases and the epidemic is steadily declining | Hong Kong | Vaccine | New Coronary Pneumonia

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Hong Kong adds 5990 cases and the epidemic is steadily declining | Hong Kong | Vaccine | New Coronary Pneumonia

  (Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong adds 5,990 cases and the epidemic is steadily declining

China News Agency, Hong Kong, September 22 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Center for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Department of Health announced on the 22nd that as of 0:00 that day, there were 5,990 new positive cases of the new coronavirus in Hong Kong. The center point is to clearly see the steady decline of the epidemic.

Of the new cases, 5,827 were local cases, of which 1,466 were positive for nucleic acid testing and 4,361 were positive for rapid testing, said Au Ka-wing, chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection. There are another 163 imported cases.

Ou Jiarong pointed out that it is relatively clear that the epidemic situation is steadily declining. According to foreign experience, when the proportion of cases involving the mutant virus BA.5 rises to more than 80%, it will reach a plateau, and the number of cases in the community will gradually decline. He appealed to the citizens who have not completed the vaccination against the new crown, especially the old and the young, to be vaccinated as soon as possible so that society can return to normal.

Ho Wan-xia, chief administrative manager of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA), said that there are currently 2,290 confirmed patients in hospital, of which 245 are newly confirmed patients. In the past day, there were 17 new deaths involving 9 men and 8 women, aged between 55 and 99, 12 of whom had not completed three doses of the vaccine.

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On the same day, the Director of the Medical and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Lu Chongmao, received the seasonal influenza vaccine and the fourth dose of the new crown vaccine. The Permanent Secretary of the Medical and Health Bureau, Chen Songqing, the Director of the Department of Health, Lin Wenjian, and the Health Protection Department of the Department of Health were also vaccinated. Xu Lejian, director of the center, Fan Hongling, chairman of the Hospital Authority, and others.

Lu Chongmao said that the epidemic has begun to show signs of decline. He pointed out that there has been a major change in the epidemic since the beginning of the year, that is, the vaccination rate of the public has increased a lot. The overall new crown vaccination rate is close to 94%, and more than 70% of citizens have completed three doses of the vaccine. Because of the high vaccination rate, the overall number of severe cases and deaths has decreased recently compared to the beginning of the year.

He reiterated that vaccination is the most important way to fight against the new crown epidemic. For the medical system to return to normal, the economy to return to normal, and to normalize the fight against the epidemic in the future, vaccination is inevitable and necessary. (Finish)

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