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Hong Kong Law Society election: the establishment camp wins overwhelming control-BBC News

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One of the “enlightened” candidates, Selma Masood, canvassed votes on Tuesday and was ultimately defeated.

The Hong Kong Law Society’s council was re-elected. All five re-elected seats were won by the pro-organizational “professionals”, and the pro-democratic “enlightened” candidates all lost. Let the pro-democracy “enlightened” candidates all lose, allowing the establishment to retain control of the Law Society Council. After the pan-democrats modify the electoral system in Beijing, they cannot influence the election of the Hong Kong Chief Executive and the Legislative Council through the status of the Law Society on the election committee.

Before the re-election of the Hong Kong Law Society’s council, six members were considered to be pro-democratic “enlightened”. Originally, four candidates were also “enlightened”. The outside world expected that if these four were successfully elected, they could lead The Lawyers Council made many decisions, but the number of seats in the establishment camp increased after the election.

The election turmoil has continued. Chinese state media have repeatedly warned that the Law Society should not become a politicized organization. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam also said that professional organizations do unprofessional things. Some “enlightened” candidates withdrew from the election on the grounds of personal safety.

The Law Society of Hong Kong is one of the local professional bodies representing lawyers, and the other is the Bar Association, but their political attitudes are completely different. With the continuous dissolution of social movement organizations and labor unions in Hong Kong in recent months due to pressure from the Beijing and Hong Kong governments, the outside world was once concerned about whether professional organizations would become the next target of suppression by the authorities.

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