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Hopefully 2024 will not be like 2023 in Cameroon… – Le blog des Camerounaiseries

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Hopefully 2024 will not be like 2023 in Cameroon… – Le blog des Camerounaiseries

The year that has just ended has been filled with disasters and bad omens for many compatriots. But as long as 2024 is not like 2023 here in Cameroon…

Hopefully there won’t be so many deaths

In 2023, we have experienced thousands and thousands of deaths! In Cameroon eh, I’m talking. Because as early as January last year, we were already losing many Cameroonians through poisonings, suicides, settling of scores, armed burglaries, etc.
We lost the journalist Martinez Zogo in an abominable way, he who was kidnapped then sequestered by elements of the DGRE on January 17, 2023, before being savagely tortured then murdered in the most abject and unimaginable way…
Then, throughout the year, we lost stars: Djene Djento, Madame Cooper, Cabrel Nanjip, Blaise Kalaba, Samy Lenoir, Frédérique Ottou, Corry from the Macase group, etc. Not to mention the thousands of anonymous people who left us without being able to say goodbye, and often in the most tragic way possible.
Femicides! We have seen men brutally murder their wives, including this 70-year-old man who lived in Obala, and who shot his wife using an old hunting rifle. There is also this Central African who had settled in East Cameroon, and who murdered, nay, who disemboweled in an absolutely barbaric manner, his former girlfriend who was selling at the central market of Nanga Eboko, as well as four other members of his family […]
There were these accidents in Ngaoundéré and on the Douala-Yaoundé road, which killed dozens of members belonging to the same family. There was this young boy who joined a pernicious sect, and who slit the throats of his two little brothers here in the Mabanda district of Douala. Not to mention this young teenager, only sixteen years old, who killed herself last August; quite simply because she had failed her Probationary exam…

Provided there are no more disasters

As far as disasters are concerned, we have been served! Certainly the floods no longer caused as much human damage here in Douala, but in the Far North it was a disaster! The waters of the Bénoué overflowed their banks, causing hundreds of displaced people and a few dozen deaths in their wake…
If we wanted sensationalism, we had our account with Mbankolo. A dike which had existed for several decades, and whose danger was already listed by our so-called Civil Protection, gave way on the night of October 8, 2023; thus causing a catastrophic landslide which unofficially caused around seventy deaths!
After this tragedy, Franck Biya rushed to the scene of the tragedy, something he had never done before. We also saw Maurice Kamto, Cabral Libii, in short all the usual political recyclers.
In Douala, there was a massacre in the Ndogbong district, at a place called Mobile Guinness. During the night of July 22 to 23, a R+4 building collapsed on itself, causing the death of its occupants present, as well as those in neighboring houses. Official toll: around fifty dead! The authorities immediately took measures after this disaster, such as now checking building permits, or even unconditionally demolishing buildings that did not meet safety standards. But, a few months later, where are we with all these measures?
We could also talk about the war in NoSo, which doesn’t seem to stop escalating. Our soldiers regularly lose their lives, as do separatist fighters but especially poor members of the civilian population. Moreover, terrorists regularly make armed incursions into public places, and they indiscriminately murder all the innocent citizens who unfortunately find themselves in their path…

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Comedian Blaise Kalaba left us in July 2023, following a traffic accident. Image: l-frii.com /Image reproduced with permission

As long as our companies respect consumers

Do our companies even respect us anymore? Eh ? Did our own government even respect us in the first place? Because, in 2023, we felt like we were completely abandoned citizens. And I have the feeling that it’s not going to end anytime soon…
In a single year, we experienced the increase in the price of gasoline in February, and then the shortage of gas and fuel in the months that followed. Where was the SCDP, Sonara, SNH, the government?
On an energetic level, it’s total darkness! The Eneo company has transformed us into orphans, in fact several districts of the country are currently experiencing repetitive untimely power cuts, while we are in the middle of the holiday season. Personally, I spent December 25, 2023 in the dark, as well as the three consecutive days that followed it. Electricity has become a rare commodity, just like drinking water which systematically evaporates each time there is a power cut.
Consumer rights associations are hypocrites. They pretend to defend our rights during the day, but at night they make secret alliances with the Ministry of Commerce, to the detriment of our wallet which gets smaller every day.
Life has become extremely expensive. Everything has increased: rice, flour, butter, chicken, fish, fuel which will increase further in the coming days, eggs, transport, electric bills. The internet connection, instead of being unlimited, is rather non-existent. For once we wanted to initiate a protest movement against the operators MTN and Orange, but “Airplane Mode” did not really succeed in taking off. Result: we have a mediocre internet connection, at a very high cost, and we have a telephone network which is certainly one of the most mediocre in the entire universe!

Hope life becomes less difficult

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Life will certainly be more difficult in 2024. More taxes, less revenue, less salary, less income. Entrepreneurs are already experiencing martyrdom, in an environment where almost nothing is done to encourage them. The prices of plots of land are inaccessible, and most of our young people are unfortunately often forced to compromise themselves morally, even sexually. […]
Life has been unbearable in 2023. Between traders who sold us adulterated products, when they were not formalized products which will inevitably cause us very severe risks to our health. The government still fails to provide us with justifications for its exorbitant spending, and we remain locked in the Covidgate, CANgate and Glencore scandals. The President of the Republic is becoming more and more invisible, and this is very linked to his age. The Indomitable Lions have become pitiful, and only Samuel Eto’o aficionados – like my best friend Pierre La Paix Ndamè— continue to support them in a systematically religious way.
We have problems in our health system because good medicines are prohibitively expensive. The only thing left to us in this collective imbroglio of moral and moral depravity is only sex, alcohol and the tens of thousands of revival churches that abound in all our sub-districts…

The Airplane Mode movement was supposed to challenge the operators MTN and Orange. Source: ocamer.com /CC-BY

Hopefully the year 2024 will not be like the year 2023 in Cameroon…

So the year that has just ended was strewn with disasters and bad omens of all kinds. But as long as the year 2024 is not like 2023 here in Cameroon…

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Hope we find peace again! Because as someone would say, peace is not just the absence of war. And the Anglophone situation has already claimed enough victims for us to continue to consider it as just a small crisis.
Hopefully 2024 will be a year of transition! Because whether we like it or not, there will inevitably come a time when we will have to replace President Paul Biya, and this moment is approaching biologically with the new year which has just begun.
Hopefully 2023 will definitely leave with its bad memories, and we will truly enter a new era of prosperity.

Because the Cameroonian people are a people who suffer martyrdom, and which gives the impression of having been definitively abandoned. We live under a dictatorial administration, and with leaders who have never placed people at the center of their policies of bad governance.
But, in 2024, a new dynamic will be possible. Moreover, it will be impossible to relive a year as catastrophic as 2023 which has just ended in Cameroon…

Ecclesiastes DEUDJUIhappy new year 2024!
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