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“Horror film”: Amira Pocher gossips about Switzerland

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“Horror film”: Amira Pocher gossips about Switzerland

“It’s not a tunnel, it’s a crypt”: Amira Pocher on a tunnel journey in Valais.


In her podcast “Liebes Leben” Amira Pocher talks to her brother Hima about her everyday life. The latest episode focuses on a holiday trip to Valais and the panic attacks suffered along the way.

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  • Amira Pocher and her brother Ibrahim “Hima” speak in Podimo podcast “Dear Life” regularly about anecdotes and stories from their everyday lives.
  • The latest issue is about a holiday trip to Valais together and the hellish trips in a tunnel and in the hotel elevator.
  • «The elevator went through the rocks. Then I had the next panic attack. It really wasn’t nice, I have to tell you that,” says Amira Pocher.

In the current issue of Podimo podcast “Dear Life” Amira Pocher and her brother Ibrahim “Hima” note that their roles have changed completely in recent years.

The party-hardened Amira has become a mother, now bakes banana bread and does sports every day. At the same time, the “eternal bachelor” Hima is currently in Las Vegas and roams the casinos there until 4 a.m.

After a quarter of an hour, Hima suddenly starts talking about a train ride together through a tunnel in Valais. «Andermatt or Zermatt? I always confuse these two places,” says Amira. “Zermatt,” corrects Hima.

Amira Pocher: “It’s not a tunnel, it’s a crypt”

The journey through the Open-Autoverlad lasts 15 minutes. Amira Pocher says: “It’s not a tunnel, it’s a crypt.” She didn’t know that there was only light in the beginning.

She continues chatting: “During construction they probably thought: ‘Why dig away so much? It’s enough if a car just fits through there.”

Then the 31-year-old says that her second son had just been born at the time and that she was still completely in the baby world.

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Hima: “That’s an exaggeration, but it was very tight”

At some point, her ex Oli Pocher told her that she was now going on the car train. But she didn’t look where the train was going, says Amira Pocher. All she heard was Oli saying to her brother Hima: “And here we go.”

At that moment, the Pochers were already in the cave and it got really stuffy: “If I had opened the car door, I could have touched the rocks.” Hima: “That’s an exaggeration, but it was very tight.” Amira: “No, it was really tight.”

She told Oli to open the window because she almost couldn’t breathe anymore. “But then everything got much worse because it smelled so musty.”

Instinctively, she held her youngest son to her breast and breastfed. “I thought it would distract me.” Meanwhile, her best friend, who was sitting next to her, opened a book and read it out loud to her.

Amira Pocher: “That’s when I had the next panic attack”

Amira Pocher’s “hellish trip” in Valais didn’t end with the train ride. As soon as she arrived at the hotel in Zermatt, she didn’t feel well again, she explained angrily to her brother.

The reason for this: “The elevator went through the rocks. Then I had the next panic attack. It really wasn’t nice, I have to tell you that.”

She then asked her then-husband Oliver Pocher to find another way back: “Find a route – or I’ll book a helicopter.” Because of Amira, her family and their followers then took a “complete detour via Italy”.

The 31-year-old ended her remarks about her vacation in Valais with the sentence: “You could shoot a horror film in Valais. The characters from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ could live there.”

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Will Amira Pocher travel to Zermatt again? Hardly – ​​if her ex-partner Oliver Pocher hadn’t found a way out back then, she “maybe still be there”.

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