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How and why money is leaving China: gold bars and apartments in Tokyo

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How and why money is leaving China: gold bars and apartments in Tokyo

Wealthy Chinese Move Billions Out of Country Amid Economic Concerns

Wealthy Chinese have taken advantage of the end of Covid-19 restrictions to move hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country, with much of it being used to buy foreign assets such as apartments, stocks, and insurance policies.

This mass exodus of funds partly signals apprehension within China over the struggling economic recovery and the real estate sector’s slowdown, which is a significant source of household wealth. It also reflects concerns about the direction of the economy under President Xi Jinping and the crackdown on businesses.

Additionally, it appears that some Chinese individuals are finding creative ways to bypass the country’s strict controls on money transfers abroad. For example, they have been buying gold bars and large sums of foreign currency to discreetly take with them when traveling.

Buying real estate in foreign countries has also become a popular option for many wealthy Chinese, particularly in Tokyo, where they have been purchasing expensive apartments and obtaining investment visas to relocate.

In total, an estimated $50 billion per month has been moved out of China this year, mostly by households and private sector companies. This movement, however, does not appear to pose an immediate threat to the country’s economy, as exports continue to generate a steady flow of cash. Nevertheless, the scale of this outflow of funds is cause for concern, as similar occurrences in the past have triggered financial crises in other regions.

While it impacts China’s currency negatively, the government has indicated it believes it can manage the situation. However, the financial outflow has been significant enough to weaken the renminbi against the dollar and other currencies. Nonetheless, the Chinese authorities claim to have the situation under control and have not reinstated former restrictions that were previously imposed to stem currency crises.

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As countries like the United States and Europe continue to receive increased numbers of Chinese exports, China’s financial outflows are not posing a major threat. Nevertheless, it is apparent that wealthy Chinese are finding ways to move their assets out of the country, raising concerns about the long-term impacts on China’s economy.

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