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How are the Mg cars that are increasingly sold in Italy really going? Quality, problems, reliability for owners and tests

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How are the Mg cars that are increasingly sold in Italy really going?  Quality, problems, reliability for owners and tests

Il British brand MG has specialized in the production of a wide range of energy efficient vehicles, with an emphasis on electric mobility, in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle among its European clientele, including Italian consumers. Among the most successful models stands out the electric car MG ZS EV, which achieved a significant sales volume. It follows the MG EHS, which was introduced to the European market in early 2021.

In the spotlight too MG Marvel Ranticipating growing sales prospects during 2023. The acronym MG is derived from Morris Garages and refers to the original Morris Motor Company brand dealership located in Oxford and gained a reputation in the sports car industry in the 1920s last century with the use of frames produced by Morris.

More and more sold MG cars, how they really go Reliability, quality and problems of MG cars

More and more sold MG cars, how they really go

MG is a British car brand specializing in production of compact sports cars. Its history dates back to 1924 and has gone through several phases of ownership, the last of which dates back to 2007 when it was acquired by the main Chinese automotive group, SAIC. Thanks to an extensive corporate restructuring by SAIC, the MG marque was brought back to prominence in China, the UK and other European countries.

The production of MG cars is distributed between two main manufacturing plants: one in the UK for the European market and the other in China for the Chinese market. This approach allows effective cost control and a competitive public price proposal with respect to the market. The design of MG cars is the result of a collaboration between the company’s design centers in Shanghai and the design studio in London.

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MG 4 It is a five-door compact car of British origin but assembled in China. It’s based on a platform designed for electric vehicles, with batteries built into the frame and a rear-mounted motor that powers the rear wheels. This solution recalls the MEB platform, used by Volkswagen for models such as ID.3 e Cupra Born. MG 4 comes with a full range of driver assistance technologies as standard equipment.

Most of the vehicle’s functionality is controllable via a central touchscreen very responsive, although in some circumstances the usability may be less intuitive. The quality of the interior finishes may vary but is overall satisfactory. The set-up of the car is oriented towards comfort, with good absorption of road irregularities. The starting price for the MG 4 is 30,000 euros.

MG ZS is a compact crossover with front-wheel drive made in China. It is characterized by classic lines with a touch of aggression. Wheel sizes, available in 16- or 17-inch versions, may seem disproportionate to the vehicle’s height.

The cockpit of the MG ZS It’s roomy and offers ample trunk space. Interior design is clean and includes a dashboard with analog instrumentation, up to a 10.1-inch central touch screen with navigation capabilities, and a dual-zone automatic climate control system with traditional controls and round-and-square-looking vents. The quality of the interior finishes is considered fair. The MG ZS is available in both petrol and electric versions, with a base price of 17,000 euros.

Reliability, quality and problems of MG cars

The MG Italia distribution network consists of 40 dealerships and 70 outlets, with the goal of expanding to a total of 100 outlets dedicated to supporting the ZS, Marvel, EHS and G5 models. The MG vehicle range offers a wide range of powertrain options, ranging from traditional internal combustion engines to plug-in hybrids to fully electric vehicles, making a significant contribution to the promotion of local zero-emission mobility.

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A distinctive feature of the MG models is the standard warranty of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers, which covers the entire vehicle, including electric powertrain and battery. MG vehicles stand out for offering high level of comfort and autonomypositioning itself competitively against competing models.

For example, MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid it is considered an ideal solution for zero-emission daily driving by its buyers. By contrast, the new MG Marvel R Electric flagship is distinguished by its elegant design, build quality and refinement. The range of MG sustainable vehicles also includes the MG5 Electric, recognized as the world‘s first electric station wagon. These innovations allow MG to offer efficient vehicles with a reduced environmental impact.

During tests and trials of MG carssome critical issues have emerged, including from the owners of these cars, including an excessive presence of touch controls inside the passenger compartment, which can be a source of distraction while driving.

Between improvements points there are the limited availability of the navigator and voice commands in English, the absence of handles on the ceiling and of air vents and rear lights in the rear compartment of the passenger compartment, as well as the use of lower quality plastic materials. Driver assistance systems require more precise calibration, especially in terms of brake modulation at low speeds.

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