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How do those born on February 29 celebrate their birthday? Peruvian women recount their leap year experience

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How do those born on February 29 celebrate their birthday?  Peruvian women recount their leap year experience

Those born on February 29 usually celebrate in a special way in leap years. (Time and Date)

The need to synchronize the Gregorian calendar with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun has resulted in the introduction of leap years, which occur every four years and carry an extra day: February 29.

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Although those born on February 29 can only celebrate on their birthday every four years. The custom is to celebrate on surrounding dates in non-leap years.

To determine the date of celebration, some people are usually guided by the time of their birth: if they saw the light before noon, they commemorate it on February 28; If they were born after noon, they celebrate on March 1st.

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Because they appear once every four years, the probability of being born on February 29 is estimated to be 1 in 1,461. That is why it is not very common to find people who were born on that date. In fact, they represent only 0.1% of the world‘s population.

Infobae Perú spoke with two of these people to find out what it is like to celebrate a birthday when you were born in a leap year.

February 29 is known as leap day because it only appears in leap years. (Freepik)

Wendy Luna, born in Lima on February 29, 1992, has two different ways of celebrating her birthday.

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“Since I was little, my parents accustomed me to celebrating my birthday on the 28th when it is not a leap year. On that date we share something with my family, something simple,” says Luna.

However, when the long-awaited February 29 arrives, he experiences it in a particular way.

“More people call me, write to me or come to my house to say hello. On that date I usually organize a party,” she adds.

For her part, Rosi Rojas, born in Trujillo on February 29, 1992, also celebrates her birthday in leap year with greater fanfare.

“I celebrate it in a special way, with the people I treasure the most and who are close to me,” says Rojas.

However, in non-leap years, he prefers to commemorate the date of his birth twice.

“I simply celebrate it on February 28 and March 1, although my dad tells me that my birthday in non-leap years is only one minute at midnight exactly,” he adds. “Any cause for celebration is good.”

The Earth takes approximately 365 and 6 hours to complete an orbit around the Sun, which is why calendars are adjusted every four years worldwide. (National Geographic)

The Earth completes one revolution around the Sun in 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 56 seconds. However, the Gregorian calendar states that a year has 365 days. This discrepancy of approximately a quarter of a day, while seemingly minor, would accumulate over time and cause a significant mismatch. For example, after 100 years, the calendar would mark the start of the seasons 24 days before the correct date.

To ensure that holidays and seasons remain in sync with their corresponding astronomical periods, the concept of a leap year was introduced. By adding an extra day, February 29, every four years, the aforementioned accumulation is compensated.

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Google celebrates February 29 with a Doodle called “Leap Day 2024,” so named because this date is what differentiates the leap year from ordinary years.

In the United States, this date is known as “Leap Day” and is usually the reason for various celebrations. For example, in Texas, there are events aimed at those born on February 29.

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