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How does the submission procedure work?

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How does the submission procedure work?
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The pre-compiled VAT 2023 declaration has been operational since last February, which will allow 2.4 million businesses and professionals to view and download their model with the data relating to the 2022 tax year entered directly by the Revenue Agency. Let’s see in detail who can use it and how the sending procedure works.

After the testing phase which took place in the second half of last year, the pre-filled VAT returnwhich will affect almost 2.5 million businesses and professionals.

Let’s see in the following article all the details about it.

VAT 2023 pre-compiled: sent from 15 February


It has been available since last February 2023 pre-filled VAT returnalready tested in the second half of 2022. The pre-compiled form is prepared using the information already held by the Revenue Agency and retrieved from the pre-compiled VAT registers of the data of the telematic daily fees for transactions with consumers, periodic settlements and tax register.


The pre-filled VAT return is available for businesses eh self-employed indicated in the provisions of the Revenue Agency dated 8 July 2021 and 12 January 2023. Specifically, these are:

  • all VAT numbers that pay the tax quarterlyin addition to subjects active in particular sectors for which special regimes are envisaged or who apply VAT separately, by law or by option, or adhere to group VAT payment, participate in a VAT group or for whom in the reference year bankruptcy or compulsory administrative liquidation was declared;
  • with the provision of 12 January 2023, i agricultural producers (and all those who carry out related agricultural activities) and the farmhouses.
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The sending procedure

To view the pre-compiled VAT return, log in with your credentials on the portal “Invoices and fees” of the Revenue Agency, where there is the new section “Annual VAT return”, from which it is possible:

  • send the declaration;
  • modify or supplement the frameworks of the model;
  • add frameworks that are not pre-compiled;
  • make the payment of the tax to be paid by direct debit to your account or, alternatively, print the pre-compiled F24 form and proceed with the payment in the ordinary way.

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