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How long does Pfizer vaccine “work”? University of Athens research results announced-IT and health-cnBeta.COM

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The latest research results from the University of Athens in Greece show that people’s immunity to the new coronavirus can be maintained for at least six months after being fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s new crown vaccine. So far, the research results have been published in the form of articles in internationally renowned journals. Thanos, President of the University of Athens. Dimopoulos (Thanos Dimopoulos) is the leader of this scientific research project.

In an interview, he mentioned the changes in antibodies in the human body at 3 and 6 months after vaccination, and the effects of antibodies on people of different age groups.

He explained that more than 95% of vaccinators have very high antibody utility approximately 4 months after vaccination. The average neutralizing antibody 6 months after full vaccination was 81%. No one had a neutralizing antibody value below the 30% positive threshold at 3 months of vaccination, while only 8 subjects had an antibody value below 30% and 12% of the subjects 6 months after full vaccination. The antibody value is less than 50%. Compared with people aged 20-50, people aged 51-70 have a greater decline in antibody effects.

Timopoulos emphasized that people under the age of 70 do not need to undergo antibody testing. In addition, he pointed out that about 40% of patients with various hematological malignancies did not produce neutralizing antibodies. For these people, scientists do not know whether the third dose of vaccine or another vaccine will increase antibodies.


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