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How to download and test the Gemini app on Android before its launch in Spain

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How to download and test the Gemini app on Android before its launch in Spain

Let’s explain to you how to download and test the Gemini app on Android before its launch in Europe. After the name change from Google Bard to Gemini, Google is preparing a mobile app to be able to use the Gemini Pro or Gemini Ultra engines directly from the mobile phone, although at the moment this application has not left the United States.

However, already there is a method to be able to test it and install it on your mobile. If you do, Gemini will replace Google Assistant on your device, and you can make all kinds of requests. The only thing you have to do is download the APK file on Android. We will guide you through the process.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that It can always be dangerous to install APK filesand you should not download them from pages other than the one we tell you about, because these files can be used to install viruses and Trojans on your mobile phone.

In addition to this, you should also know that the app you have downloaded via APK will not be updated. Therefore, you will have to check to see if there are new versions to download periodically, with the danger that this may pose each time you do so. In any case, we will tell you a reliable page to download the APK, and doing this can be useful if you are curious and just want to try Gemini.

How to install Google Gemini on your Android

The first thing you have to do is download the Gemini APK. We are going to use your APKMirror profile, since it is one of the most reliable pages there is when it comes to downloading applications with this type of file. Be careful because despite being reliable, the website has a lot of advertising that can confuse you. On this page, click on the most recent version.

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Once you have downloaded the file, from the download notification itself you can click on it to install it. Android will ask you to confirm that you want to install the APK, warning you that it could be something dangerous. If this is the first time you do this, Android will also ask you to configure your phone to install applications from unknown sources.

After installing the app, you just have to launch it. Two things can happenthat tells you that you need to update a new version and you cannot use it until someone uploads this new version to APKMirror, or that you have the most current version and you can use it.

The app is just a shortcut, and what it will ask you is replace Google Assistant with Gemini. Once you agree to do so by following the steps in the tutorial, you will be able to use it normally.

From now on, you’ll just have to use the shortcut to call Google Assistant to have Gemini appear instead. It will do so with a pop-up window, where you will be able to ask this artificial intelligence chat for anything you want.

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