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How to use the 600/500/550 rule

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How to use the 600/500/550 rule

The photographic rule of 600/500/550 is a simple rule used by photographers to determine the depth of field in a photograph. This rule is based on the relationship between the focal length of the lens and the distance to the subject.

The 600/500/550 rule states that to get a depth of field wide enough to include both your subject and background, you should use a focal length that is at least twice the distance to your subject.

For example, if the subject is 200mm away, the minimum focal length to get a large enough depth of field would be at least 400mm.

This rule can be further modified using the number 500 or 550, depending on the personal preferences of the photographer.

The 600/500/550 rule is especially useful for photographers who want to get a good focus on their subject while keeping a sharp, well-defined background.

However, it is important to note that this rule should not be considered a hard and fast rule and that it can be modified according to the specific needs of each shot.

In summary, the photographic rule of 600/500/550 is a useful tool for photographers looking to achieve optimal depth of field in every shot.

However, it’s important to go beyond this rule and experiment with different focal lengths and distances from the subject to achieve the desired effects in each situation.

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