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HSV is on the way to becoming a second division dinosaur  > – Sports

As of: April 21, 2024 11:34 a.m

After the 0-1 defeat against Holstein Kiel, Hamburger SV can practically tick off their longed-for return to the Bundesliga. Particularly bitter: the fans also turned away and acknowledged the performance with shrill whistles.

by Johannes Freytag

The scene was almost symptomatic of HSV’s entire game: In the 90th minute of the game against Holstein Kiel, Hamburg got another corner. It’s 0-1, coach Steffen Baumgart’s team has been in the majority for a quarter of an hour and is pushing for an equalizer. So now corner kick: Ludovit Reis runs up, slips away and shoots himself…

It was practically the last opportunity to calmly and deliberately create a scoring opportunity with the standard. Otherwise, one cross after another sailed into Kiel’s penalty area in stoppage time, but nothing of use came out of it, the Hamburgers were no longer able to finish and had to accept defeat.

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Glatzel: “Now there has to be a miracle”

The 0-1 against Kiel was the ninth defeat of the season and is practically synonymous with the end of the promotion dreams: With four match days to go, HSV is six points behind third place in the table and also has a significantly worse goal difference of 16 goals. Captain Sebastian Schonlau described the deficit as “absolutely impossible”, attacker Robert Glatzel said: “Now a miracle is needed.”

“We don’t tick anything off and yet we have to face reality and the reality doesn’t look good at the moment.”

HSV coach Steffen Baumgart

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“We’re all realists,” explained Baumgart, but added: “That doesn’t mean we’re giving up. There are six points to be gained in four games.” However, “we should start doing our homework.” But the competition, especially third-placed Fortuna from Düsseldorf, is currently doing quite well. That’s why HSV professional Jonas Meffert no longer sounded particularly optimistic: “It’s 100 percent out of our hands. We can only influence what we can influence – and that’s not much anymore.”

Baumgart and Raab argue with the referee

Against Kiel, HSV coach Baumgart saw his team on equal terms (“we weren’t any worse”), but was particularly concerned about the goal being conceded: “It’s not a jockeying for position, it’s a foul that wasn’t whistled,” criticized the 52-year-old the decision of referee Sascha Stegemann, who allowed the scene to continue before the score was 0-1, allowing Kiel to score through Tom Rothe.

HSV keeper Matheo Raab had previously found himself hindered during the corner kick in the six-yard box: “He puts both arms around my back, how am I supposed to get the ball? That’s crazy for me.” The truth is that Raab’s front men only cleared the corner inadequately, the goalkeeper was able to act freely again shortly afterwards and also had a clear view when Rothe shot.

AUDIO: Meffert: “It’s 100 percent out of our hands” (2 min)

In general, Hamburg can also count themselves lucky that Stegemann did not give Kiel a hand penalty shortly before the break. It would have been a very tough decision because Reis had the ball hit his arm from close range, but several such scenes have already been punished with a penalty this season.

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Lack of penetration on offense

HSV should rather blame themselves for the (deserved) defeat. Once again it was revealed that the Hanseatic squad is good, but not good enough for the top. Against Kiel, HSV struggled once again this season, especially on offense. The absence of the ailing midfield driver Laszlo Bénes had a negative impact, and really good chances were in short supply.

The Hamburg team even had the advantage for almost 20 minutes in the final phase after Kiel’s Lewis Holtby was shown a yellow-red card. “It’s annoying, we just have to do things. The boys can’t be blamed for their intensity. They wanted to, they did, but that’s the problem we have. We just don’t win the games,” said Baumgart.

Whistles from the HSV fans

The HSV fans among the 57,000 spectators in the once again sold-out Volksparkstadion seem to have already finished the season. They acknowledged the defeat on Saturday evening with shrill whistles. That hadn’t happened for a long time. Especially since people on the Elbe had hoped to be able to turn things around again with the change of coach from Tim Walter to Baumgart.

But three wins, two draws and three defeats later, Baumgart also draws a sobering conclusion: “With five games to go, you don’t need to talk about bad luck and luck, because then you’ll be exactly where you belong.” HSV is threatened with a seventh year in the lower house from summer onwards. There is also a threat of the inglorious title of the second division dinosaur. If Kiel and city rivals St. Pauli make it into the Bundesliga, HSV would be the longest-serving second division club.

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