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Hu Xijin changed?Land Media Does Not Follow Up on Sensitive Incidents in the Comment Area (Photos) – Guangdong

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Hu Xijin talked about the stampede in Foshan, which aroused public attention. (Image source: Weibo)

[Look at China News, November 28, 2022](See the report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui) Has Hu Xijin, who was banned for 5 days, changed?recently broke outGuangdongA nucleic acid detection point in Shunde District, Foshan City, the provincePeople step on peopleAfter the incident, the former editor-in-chief of “Global Time”Hu XijinCritics said that in the face of the recent sensitive incidents of mass riots due to epidemic prevention, the Internet was the first to disclose, “mediaThere is no follow-up report, which is not normal.” This remark sparked heated discussions among the people.

Hu Xijin: Foshan Stampede Media Collective Silence

Recently, a positive case occurred in the Beijing community where Hu Xijin lived, and the entire building was sealed off for 5 days. After Hu Xi entered and exited the customs, he expressed his opinion on the “stampede incident” at a nucleic acid sampling point in a community in Leliu Street, Foshan, Guangdong.

He suggested that there are too many people doing nucleic acid now, can some people not do nucleic acid in the future? He also emphasized that it should be reflected through the Foshan incident, such a crowded scene contradicts the purpose of nucleic acid testing. If there are really positive infections among them, wouldn’t such crowding provide soil for the virus to spread.

Hu Xijin also pointed out that the incident in Foshan happened two days ago, and the Internet was the first to expose it. The media did not follow up with the report, and finally the official report responded to the online questioning. Now all over the mainland, the government directly responds to online public opinion about anything that happens, and the media basically stays on the sidelines. “Let’s think about the many sensitive incidents that have occurred in various places recently. Which one is not like this? But this is not normal. It is not good for clarifying those sensitive incidents and alleviating public opinion. This public opinion pattern that lacks the role of mainstream media needs to be broken. Return the position and role of the media in social communication to them.”

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Regarding Hu Xijin, who has always made remarks in the capacity of the CCP’s foreign propaganda, his attitude has changed suddenly recently. Some netizens asked back in the message area, “Old Hu, tell me the truth, are there still journalists in China today?”, “There are still journalists today.” The content of public opinion supervision? Even the central media dare not, and you still count on the local media?”, “The media only do two things: 1. Repost Xinhua News Agency 2. Repost People’s Daily Online”, “Mainstream media only care about a certain foreigner (press, Wu Yifan) prostitutes”.

Some people also mocked, “Old Hu, please tell me frankly, who is responsible for the current situation in China?”, “Protests broke out in various places, will the Communist Party fall?”, “Do you dare to comment?”

Hu Xijin commented on the fire in Xinjiang, Zhou Xiaoping cursed

In fact, earlier Hu Xijin also expressed his views on the fire incident in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which resulted in the attack of Zhou Xiaoping, another CCP Internet “advocate”.

Hu Xijin said on the 25th that although the official press conference in Urumqi clarified many rumors, many people are still in agitation and will not be satisfied with this kind of press conference that reads the manuscript and does not ask questions from reporters. He believes that the most important thing now is to adjust the epidemic prevention and speed up the unblocking of low-risk communities.

Hu Xijin said that he believes that as long as the Urumqi government makes adjustments to the long-term lockdown and the people recover after seeing the actual actions, many problems will be solved.

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But Zhou Xiaoping directly reprimanded on Weibo, “I really want to spit on you! How indifferent? After more than 100 days of closure, so many people were burned to death. You don’t worry about the people’s livelihood and way of life, but you are still here worrying about whether the people will Therefore, I blame you for your great cause of ‘prevention and control’.”

Zhou Xiaoping also questioned Hu Xijin, “Can disease control violate the fire protection law! Can’t you open your mouth and call for the arrest and shooting of these criminals who illegally blocked the fire exits!”

Regarding the interaction between the above two people, some netizens ridiculed that the two of them did not discover their conscience, but found that it was difficult to do “patriotic” business if they were kept under such control, so they wanted to transform.

Hu Xijin Zhou Xiaoping
Zhou Xiaoping questioned Hu Xijin on Weibo. (Image source: Screenshot of Weibo)

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