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Huawei Launches Industry’s Exclusive Ultra-Low Power 5G Base Station, Samsung S24 Configuration and Price Revealed

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Huawei Launches Industry’s Exclusive Ultra-Low Power 5G Base Station, Samsung S24 Configuration and Price Revealed

Huawei to Launch Ultra-Low Power 5G Base Station at Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Dubai

Dubai, UAE – The 14th Global Mobile Broadband Forum hosted by Huawei is set to take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from October 10th to 11th. The theme for this year’s forum is “Bringing 5G-A into Reality.” In line with the event, Huawei has announced its plans to launch a groundbreaking 5W ultra-low power 5G base station.

According to Huawei’s official blog in China, the company has unveiled the industry’s exclusive “0 Bit 0 Watt” green solution, achieving an unprecedented sleep mode that can be easily activated. The radio frequency module of the base station boasts a remarkable 99% shutdown depth, enabling intelligent network energy saving and maximizing network efficiency. At the device level, Huawei ensures optimal energy consumption during idle periods without compromising the service experience. On a broader scale, the network-level energy saving is optimized around the clock while meeting different performance requirements.

Apart from the ultra-low-power 5G base stations, Huawei is also set to unveil various new 5.5G products at the forum, including TDD, FDD, millimeter wave, DIS, antenna, and microwave MAGICSwave technologies. This move showcases Huawei’s commitment to not only being a mobile phone manufacturer but also a leading player in the communications industry.

Yang Chaobin, Director of Huawei and President of ICT Products and Solutions, revealed that the company is projecting over 1 billion 5G commercial users worldwide within four years. This announcement raises questions about the readiness of consumers to adopt and embrace 5G technology.

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Meanwhile, Samsung is also making waves in the tech industry. Renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which includes S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, have been leaked in recent days. The pricing details for these models have now been exposed as well.

The Samsung S24 is expected to feature a 6.2-inch FHD+ resolution 120Hz LTPO direct screen with a peak brightness of 2500nit. The smartphone will be powered by either the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 or Exynos2400 processor (depending on the region), complemented by a 4700mAh battery and 45W charging capabilities. Its camera setup will consist of a 12MP front camera and a rear triple-camera module comprising of a 50MP main lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 10MP 3X telephoto lens. The overseas price is predicted to start at US$799.

The Samsung S24+ is rumored to be the first non-Ultra model from Samsung since 2020 to feature a QHD+ resolution display. This variant will sport a larger 6.7-inch 2K direct screen and a 4900mAh battery. The overseas price for the S24+ is estimated to begin from US$999.

While the S24 series maintains the overall design language of its predecessors, it is worth noting that all three models will sport flat screens. In addition, the middle frame of the S24 and S24+ will feature a more robust and angular design. It will be interesting to see how these new Samsung devices fare against other flagship smartphones on the market, such as the upcoming Meizu 21 series.

As the mobile industry continues to advance, the possibilities of 5G technology and its applications are expanding rapidly. The Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Dubai will serve as a platform for industry leaders to share insights and showcase cutting-edge innovations. With Huawei’s ultra-low power 5G base station and Samsung’s highly anticipated S24 series, the event is sure to spark excitement among tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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