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Huizhou Paper-Cutting Takes Center Stage: From Domestic Success to Global Recognition

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Ancient Huizhou paper-cutting technique goes international

The ancient art of Huizhou paper-cutting, a traditional craft from Anhui province, has gone international thanks to the innovative efforts of Wu Xiaomei, a master artisan and representative inheritor of the craft.

Huizhou paper-cutting, with its unique themes and artistic charm, has a long history that Wu Xiaomei has been dedicated to preserving and promoting for over 50 years. Through online and offline initiatives, she has brought the once endangered craft back to life and introduced it to a new generation through cultural and creative products highly sought after by young people.

Wu Xiaomei’s cross-border innovation has taken Huizhou paper-cutting to international fashion shows, where her designs incorporating paper-cutting techniques have wowed audiences and caught the attention of foreign models. Her works have also been sold to countries such as Norway, Canada, and Thailand, and even exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Not only has Wu Xiaomei influenced international fashion with her paper-cutting designs, but she has also passed on her knowledge to over 50 apprentices, including overseas Chinese. One of her apprentices, Li Yi, has taken the art to New Zealand, where she has received praise and plans to further promote Chinese paper-cutting in the country.

Wu Xiaomei’s ultimate goal is to continue protecting and innovating Huizhou paper-cutting, helping it gain more recognition on the international stage. With her efforts, the ancient art of Huizhou paper-cutting is crossing borders and gaining popularity overseas, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Anhui province to the world.

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