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Humor and a sense of duty, William and Harry’s words for Prince Philip

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LONDON – “He was always himself, with a cutting humor, the ability to attract the attention of everyone present with his charm and also because you never knew what he would say”. It is the first public comment on the Prince Philip from his grandson Harry, returned to England on Sunday to attend his grandfather’s funeral. “He will be remembered as the longest-lived prince consort in history, a decorated soldier, a prince and a duke,” continues Harry in the statement released on his behalf by the royal house. “But for me he was above all my grandfather: barbecue master, legendary in making jokes and naughty to the end”.

His brother, the principe William, publicly commented this morning on the disappearance of the Duke of Edinburgh, who died last week at the age of 99. “My grandfather’s centuries-old life has been defined by his devotion to the homeland, the Commonwealth, the Queen and our family,” says the second in line for the throne. “I feel blessed to have had his example as a guide, grateful that my wife has been able to know him for so many years and for his kindness to Kate, and my children will always have the memory of their great-grandfather who came by to pick them up in a carriage. they got to know his adventurous spirit and his naughty humor “.

Philip, that young foreigner who conquered the Queen and the United Kingdom

by Natalia Aspesi

Harry returned to London after landing at Heathrow Airport on Sunday afternoon on a British Airways flight from Los Angeles, where he now resides with his wife. Meghan Markle and to little son Archie. The men of the escort took him over, loading him on a Range Rover and taking him to Kensington Palace. According to newspaper rumors, the Duke of Sussex will observe the five-day quarantine, foreseen for anyone arriving from abroad due to Covid, at Nottingham Cottage, one of the residences available to the royal family within the Kensington apartment complex Palace, in the heart of the capital, where he first lived with his brother William and mother Diana after Lady D’s divorce from Carlo, then alone in his single life until his engagement with Meghan, when they moved to a villa in the area of Windsor park which the couple later returned to the queen when she made the decision to leave England in 2020.

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After the quarantine, the prince will be able to do a test for Covid and, if this is negative, he will take part in Philip’s funeral, which will take place privately on Saturday, inside Windsor Castle, in the presence of no more than 30 people, this too a rule made necessary by the pandemic, all therefore members of the royal family: His Majesty, children and spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The rules will therefore be respected, both as regards the return of Harry and for the conduct of the funeral.

Harry returns to London on a scheduled flight. No uniform for him at grandfather Filippo’s funeral

by Eva Grippa

It is the first time the Duke of Sussex has returned to his homeland following the decision to give up his public role and what has been described by the media as a break with his family, culminating in the recent interview with Oprah Winfrey in America in which Harry and Meghan accused the royal family of racism and bullying. Now British commentators say that Philip’s funeral could be the occasion for a reconciliation, in particular with his father Carlo and with his brother William, with whom Harry will parade behind his grandfather’s coffin, transported on a special Land Rover redesigned by the Duke of Edinburgh, following his precise wishes.

It would be an image similar to that of Diana’s funeral, when William and Harry, at the time children, followed their mother’s coffin paired in the streets of the capital: next to them was their grandfather, whom the two brothers will now accompany towards the final greeting. Someone will read in the different statements of the two brothers about their grandfather a polemical intent, someone else could however interpret them as a sign of peace. At the very least, Buckingham Palace has put them on the same level, branching them out together and of similar length. It seems that Meghan also wanted to be present at the funeral, but was advised against by her doctor because she is in an advanced state of pregnancy, expecting her second child.

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Prince Philip died. The love of a lifetime: it struck the thirteen-year-old Elizabeth to defend her from mumps

by Francesco de Leo

Meanwhile the Countess Sofia, wife of Edoardo, the youngest of the queen’s four children, reveals something of the moment when Philip died: “He went away with delicacy, as if someone had taken him by the hand and away”. And a newspaper tells a new detail about the friendship that Philip had for Diana: he signed the letters he wrote “with the greatest affection, dad”.


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