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Husband killed his wife in Tuzla | Info

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Husband killed his wife in Tuzla |  Info

The body of the woman SB and the injured man EST, covered in blood, were found in an apartment in Tuzla, the Tuzla police announced.

Source: FENA

Namely, today around 11:50 a.m., the duty service of the West Police Station was informed by a citizen that his friends SB and EST, who live in Lipnica, Tuzla, have not answered his phone calls for two days.

Then, as he stated, EST, a foreign citizen, answered his video call, and he noticed that EST was covered in blood and that SB was lying in bed, and he requested the intervention of the police, writes Nezavisne Novine.

“The members of the Zapad Police Station and the Emergency Medical Service of the Tuzla Health Center were immediately sent to the scene of the incident, and a forced entry was made into the apartment, where they found the body of a SB woman, whose death was confirmed at the scene by the doctor on duty and a EST man with visible injuries to his stomach, and he was transported to the University Medical Center Tuzla for the provision of medical assistance,” the police said.

The on-duty prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla Canton and the investigative team of the Criminal Police Sector of the Police Directorate of the MUP TK are at the scene, and all further measures and actions are being taken according to the order of the prosecutor.

Admir Arnautović, spokesman for the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of TK, said that the prosecutor on duty will issue an order for an autopsy on the body of the deceased in order to determine the exact causes of death.

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“We will be able to announce more information after conducting the investigation, autopsy and necessary investigative actions,” said Arnautović.

From UKC Tuzla, they stated that a patient with stab wounds on the stomach was brought to them, and that he is currently in the operating room.


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