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Ida Fladen, Vegard Harm | Ida Fladen and Vegard Harm created baby speculation. Now comes the explanation

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Ida Fladen, Vegard Harm |  Ida Fladen and Vegard Harm created baby speculation.  Now comes the explanation

On Monday evening, Ida Fladen (38) and Vegard Harm (27) set fire to the internet when they published a picture of Instagram.

It didn’t take long for the speculation to rain, and several interpreted Harm’s hand posing in front of Fladen’s stomach as a sign that they might become parents.

Harm and Fladen, who have been friends for a number of years, have each been open about the challenges of being single and childless.

On Tuesday afternoon, barely a day after the Instagram post, there will be an explanation for the furore that was created in social media.

The dream of children and family life is, to some extent, coming true for both Harm and Fladen. They will get to test themselves as parents in a new TV series, “Ida og Vegard: Plan Baby”, writes VGTV in a press release.

– A sensitive topic

It’s no secret that they both want children, and according to VGTV, the duo of friends have previously talked about saving each other from this life crisis.

– It is clear that this is a sensitive topic for me since at the time of writing I have approximately 940 female friends who are either giving birth, have given birth or have acquaintances. I also have a strong desire for my own family, but I don’t quite know how to go about it. That is why I have tested family life together with Ida, says Vegard Harm in the press release.

But how well Fladen and Harm fit together as parents will now be put to the test. In the TV concept, they have to take care of three children over a longer period, and they have to cope with several everyday things in their parenting role.

Among other things, they must tackle homework, bed time, dinners and leisure activities.

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Ida Fladen does not hide that the “Plan Baby” series is a personal project for her:

– I hope that the series can be important and relatable for many who are in similar situations. The project has meant a lot to me personally, says Ida Fladen.

The series premieres on March 12 on VGTV.

Crazy response

It seemed that several people thought Fladen and Harm were expecting a child together after Monday’s Instagram post.

The picture has received close to 50,000 likes and there is plenty of feedback in the comments section. Several pretended to be excited about what seemed like great news from the duo of friends:

– Wow, this needs 2024. Cheers to you as parents, writes influencer Mayoo Indiran.

– When is the deadline, asks artist Julie Bergan in the comments section.

Naturally, there were several people who were unsure of what the photo actually meant, and several Instagram users wondered if it was all a joke:

– Honestly SO happy for them if this is not bullshit, writes one user.

– What’s up? Is it a prank, writes another.

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