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Ideal age difference between partners | Magazine

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Ideal age difference between partners |  Magazine

Here’s how certain age differences between partners affect the relationship itself…

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According to the latest research, the greater the age difference, the greater the chance of separation. The most ideal relationships are among peers. At “Emory” University in Atlanta, a study was conducted in which 3,000 respondents participated. Experts have found that the greater the age difference between partners, the greater the risk of separation.

For couples who are five years apart, there is an 18 percent higher chance of breaking up. The study also points out that relationships between couples, where the age difference is 20 or more, break up much more often. The best choice is to find an emotional partner similar to our age and that’s when the estimates for divorce were reduced to a minimum.

Also, statistics have shown that having a baby before marriage could help reduce the chances of divorce.
Contrary to popular belief, researchers believe it is the most ideal difference between emotional partners is about one year. In such couples, the divorce rate is almost non-existent, when it comes to age. Of course, in relationships and marriages there are always other reasons for discord, even for divorce, pointed out Hugo Malon, one of the researchers of the study.

As pointed out by David Bennett, an expert on emotional relationships between partners, the mentioned examples help people find common interests with a partner within selected age differences.

“I don’t advise my clients to blindly follow the rules, but I do encourage them to think carefully about the upper and lower age limits,” noted Carol Roderick, an expert in relationships and relationships.

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