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If Li Jiachao is elected chief executive, netizens worry that the “darkest moment” will come (Photo) Hong Kong | National Security Law | Police City | Current Affairs Tracker |

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If Li Jiachao is elected chief executive, netizens worry that the “darkest moment” will come (Photo) Hong Kong | National Security Law | Police City | Current Affairs Tracker |

Many citizens are worried that if Li Jiachao becomes the chief executive, Hong Kong’s “darkest moment” is coming. (Image credit: Getty Images)

[See China April 5, 2022 News](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Huaiju) On April 4, Carrie Lam announced that he will not compete for the next sessionChief Executivecoupled with the recent news that the Chief Secretary for AdministrationLi JiachaoWill become the next chief executive, there is a lot of discussion about this. Li Jiachao, who is in the police force, will become Hong Kong’s first “attorney” chief executive if elected. Therefore, many citizens are worried that Hong Kong will further become a “police city”, and even worried that the “darkest hour” was coming.

Unlike Tung Chee-hwa, who was a businessman, Tsang, and Carrie Lam, who were civil servants, the Lee family is in the police force, whose strengths are suppressing protest movements, suppressing dissidents, running privileged monitoring, and investigating the political loyalty of the Hong Kong government.

After the anti-extradition movement, Hong Kong was described by foreign media as a “police city”, and the police force continued to expand. Li Jiachao was promoted to Chief Secretary for Administration in June last year due to his outstanding achievements in suppression, becoming Hong Kong’s “second-in-command”.

In addition to suppressing the anti-extradition movement, after the implementation of the National Security Law in 2020, Li Jiachao, the then Secretary of the Security Bureau, actively cooperated with Beijing’s orders to set up the National Security Division of the Hong Kong Police Force (also known as the Police National Security Division) in Hong Kong, and arrested a large number of people in the name of national security. Arrest pro-democracy activists and want to eradicate the pro-democracy faction.

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Li Jiachao did not spare no effort in suppressing the media. In mid-June last year, the police detained five senior executives of Apple Daily and froze the assets of three companies under Apple Daily, resulting in the company’s inability to turn around funds and pay employees. On June 23, Apple Daily, which had been in operation for 26 years, had no choice but to announce its shutdown.

At the end of December last year, the police raided the “Stand News” office and arrested six top and former senior officials of “Stand” on suspicion of conspiracy to publish seditious publications. At the same time, the police also froze the assets of about HK$61 million in “Position”. On the afternoon of the same day, “Position” announced on social media that it would cease operations. The website and all social media will be removed within a few days, and all employees will be dismissed immediately.

In addition, under the crushing of the National Security Law, dozens of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, large and small, were forced to disband, including the Stake Association, the Education Association, the Democratic Front, and the Trade Union. Civil society built over decades crumbles. But police arrests show no signs of stopping. On March 29, the police re-arrested 13 people who participated in the demonstrations during the anti-extradition period. To date, the Hong Kong police have arrested 10,000 protesters who participated in the anti-extradition movement.

Li Jiachao has personally implemented the CCP’s ruthless practice of suppressing dissidents, so he has won the trust of Beijing. If Li Jiachao becomes the next chief executive, it will be even more difficult for Hong Kong to get rid of the name of “police city”. Many netizens predicted in the discussion forum that after Li Jiachao became the chief executive, the society would change. Some people expect that a large number of government officials will leave office, the number of immigrants will continue to soar, property prices will fall, and the economy will become weak.

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In 2019, the then Secretary for Security, Li Jiachao, said in the Legislative Council that there have been many terrorist attacks in Xinjiang in the past, but the situation has been controlled and improved in the past two years, and he believes that the local counter-terrorism work is worth Hong Kong’s reference. Therefore, some netizens worry that Li Jiachao will follow the example of Xinjiang to build re-education camps in Hong Kong.

Some netizens predict that the government of Li Jiachao will strictly follow the relevant policies of the mainland at the economic level. For example, citizens are prohibited from taking more than 10,000 cash out of the country, and cross-border transfers cannot exceed the equivalent of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars unless there is a certificate. The Hong Kong dollar digital currency If you want to change foreign currency, you must have a certificate, and you must apply for a permit when you leave the country. In short, Li Jiachao’s appointment as chief executive will be the “darkest moment” for Hong Kong.

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