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Iliad launches the VoLTE service for business customers

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Iliad launches the VoLTE service for business customers

The long-awaited news has finally arrived: Iliad has activated the VoLTE service for business customers. Thanks to this change, voice calls are transmitted over the 4G network, rather than over 3G or 2G as happened in the past, and this translates into a series of advantages for users. The tests began a week ago with a selected group of users, and fortunately this closed phase lasted very little.

The first and most important advantage concerns the general quality of conversations, given that VoLTE calls offer clearer and crystal clear audio thanks to the greater bandwidth available on the 4G network. Not only that, with VoLTE it is possible to continue browsing the internet while on a call, without having to switch to the 3G or 2G network. Finally, waiting times also decrease, since the connection occurs faster than traditional calls.

As anticipated at the beginning, for the moment Iliad’s VoLTE service is only available for business customers, however the operator has announced that it will soon also extend it to private customers. VoLTE activation is automatic for business customers, but it will almost certainly be necessary to enable the setting, usually located within the connectivity section on most older smartphones. Even before this, it is necessary to make sure that our model is among the compatible ones, and to know for sure Iliad has published a list of those with VoLTE support on its official website.

The novelty greatly improves the Iliad offer and adds to the very important one introduced last year, i.e. eSim support for new and old customers.

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